TUESDAY, DEC. 18: The OBA's Nandi Davis squeaked in to win St. George's West by four votes, a hotly contested seat which was won by the PLP in 2003 and the UBP in 2007.

Out of 1,285 registered voters, 931 came to Penno's Wharf to vote today, giving the OBA 359 votes, the PLP 355 and independent Kim Swan 214. Three ballots were spoiled.

Ms. Davis seemed stunned by her win and pledged to use her youth and energy to deliver on her election promises. At 25 she is the youngest person to be voted in as a Member of Parliament.

"I have campaigned tirelessly for a year and I am ready to tackle the issues in St. George's. The people want to see a fresh, new face, someone who will make a change."

Renee Ming, surrounded by her family, was visibly upset by her loss. The mother of three resigned from her post as Alderman of the Corporation of St. George's to take the place of the PLP's original candidate, John Gibbons, after he stepped aside for personal reasons only one month before the election.

"I was confident going in", said Ms. Ming. "Time was not on my side but I did not feel this was a deterrent. This was not a seat which was held by the PLP and this vote was close."

Until recent weeks Mr. Swan was flying the UBP banner after it was abandoned by all but himself and Charlie Swan of Southampton West Central, and his choice has cost him dearly. He was not at the polling station, but was represented during the count by his brother, Darren Swan