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A team of four workers will embark on a major project to clean up St George’s Golf Course later this month.

Local MP Kenneth Bascome has welcomed the move and says he believes a shorter nine-hole course could be opened in the near future.

He added: “This area has been an eyesore for some time for local residents and we have been calling for this clean up since day one.

“The idea is to offer young men some temporary employment and make this area, which crosses three different neighbourhoods, more appealing.

“Three people have already approached me with different proposals to work with Government to make this a nine-hole course for the public.

“And I would obviously like that to happen.”

The initiative was originally outlined in the Throne Speech earlier this month and work is expected to start on November 25.

Mr Bascome, who is helping to co-ordinate the project, says he believes local workers should be recruited for the job.

He added: “The team of four will be under the direction of the Parks Department and will also undergo some limited training.

“I believe this project should go to young men from St George’s because this is an eyesore in our backyard.”

The Bermuda Sun asked Government how much the workers would be paid to complete the clean up, but we did not receive a response. n