Independent candidate Kim Swan and Zinzi Swan. *Photo by Mikaela Pearman
Independent candidate Kim Swan and Zinzi Swan. *Photo by Mikaela Pearman

MONDAY, DECEMBER 17: Penno’s Wharf — polling station for Constituency 2, St George’s West — was buzzing with voters, candidates and election workers this morning.

Incumbent Kim Swan is running against the PLP’s Renee Ming and Nandi Davis of the OBA.

Mr Swan, formerly of the UBP but now standing as an independent, greeted voters at the entrance along with his daughter Zinzi Swan.

“It’s been great,” he told us. “The voters are coming with a purpose. They’re coming to vote. It’s been a steady stream.”

He continued: “I’m feeling very, very confident, very encouraged. I’m running on a good record of service to the community.

“I put my fate in the hands of the people of this great constituency.”

Mrs Ming, who was thrown into the ring late in the game, was also feeling upbeat.

She was at the poll with her grandmother, Dorothy Peniston, and Brandi Bassett.

“It’s good, really good, very good so far. The voters have been upbeat. It’s an enthusiastic bunch so far.”

She continued: “I’m feeling great. It’s too early to tell but it’s good having this many voters come out.”

Ms Davis brought two constituents with her to the polls, just before 8am.

“It’s been great. We’ve had a steady flow. It’s exciting. I’m feeling good, very positive.”

I would say we have had about 100 people through so far (by 10:20am).”

She continued: “We’ve had maybe 15 minutes of silence since we’ve been here. I got here at 7:55am and picked up two constituents along the way.”