Shawn Crockwell, Charlie Swan and Scott Simmons. *Photo by Simon Jones
Shawn Crockwell, Charlie Swan and Scott Simmons. *Photo by Simon Jones

MONDAY, DEC. 17: Three smarted-suited candidates greeted the voters of Southampton West Central this morning as they turned out to vote.

The OBA's Shawn Crockwell, the PLP's Scott Simmons and Independent candidate Charlie Swan were all on hand to welcome early morning voters as they arrived at the polls.

Dozens had arrived at St Anne's Church Hall before the doors opened at 8am.

And a steady flow of voters of all ages continued to cast their votes at what must be one of the most picturesque of polling stations as the morning passed.

Mr Swan told the Sun: "The most important thing today is that people vote and do not stay at home.

"And I have been really encouraged by the turnout we have had this morning so far.

"People need to vote with conviction for the way they want Bermuda to move forward.

"I feel cautiously optimistic this morning; it's my third campaign so there are not really any nerves.

"It's a beautiful day and it's a good day for Bermuda."

Mr Crockwell was joined at the polling station this morning by his parents who live in the constituency, where he was also raised.

He said: "It has been great to reacquaint myself with the neighbourhood and the constituents.

"Southampton is a very community orientated area and it has been amazing to see that.

"It feels like it is going to be a significant day in Bermuda.

"I felt it last night and I could hardly sleep.

"There has been a good turnout and people are ready for change.

"People want to make their voices heard and that will be reflected tonight.

"It has been an emotional return to my roots and I am cautiously optimistic about my chances today.

"There is a good vibe out here and a sense that something big is going to happen today."

Meanwhile Mr Simmons, who moved into the constituency so he would get to know the constituents better, said he was 'greatly encouraged' by the early morning voter turnout.

He added: "It has been extremely good.

"This is something that warms the heart.

"There has been a real mixture of people so far today and it has been great to be able to greet them and talk to them as they arrive.

"I am sure it will be a strong turn out. We need a definitive result and then let's get one with it.

"I did not really feel nervous this morning; for me it is business as usual and this is what I love."