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12:22 Thanks for trusting us with your election night coverage. It has been a pleasure blogging. I especially appreciated the feedback on Twitter.  Good night and congratulations to the OBA on its election victory.  GJ

12:14 My wife just texted me to ask if I plan on being a husband tonight.  "Not tonight baby." I said, "tonight is for writing history."  What a finish!

12:12 A young OBA newcomer who ran in St. George's West has delivered an amazing prize to her party.  Craig Cannonier to be the new Premier of Bermuda.

12:09 The seat in #2 came down to a four vote margin -- Davis over Anderson-Ming. The search is underway tonight for hanging chads!

12:05 We're projecting OBA has won the 2012 Election over PLP 19 seats to 17 seats.

12:02 On Twitter we hear that Davis (OBA) won in #2. If true, OBA has won the Government!

12:01  Two seats remain.  In #13 Blakney (PLP) has edged ahead of Francis (OBA) with 3 of 4 counts completed.

11: 59 We're back at the stroke of midnight!  Let's do this!

11:15 I'm hearing Bob Richards (OBA) has won again in Devonshire over Neville Tyrrell (PLP).  That would put OBA ahead 16 to 15.

11:14 At PLP headquarters they must be sweating like a sinner in the first pew.  This thing is too close to call.

11:08 Offical seat count at this minute.... PLP - 15 & OBA - 14.  Nail biter.  Don't go anywhere.

11:04 The way I see it, the margin of victory won't be more than two seats.  At the most!  This thing could still end in an 18-18 tie.  My head is going to explode!

11:02 Seat update (official results) PLP - 15..... OBA - 12.  Just 9 seats left to go.  19 seats needed to win the Government.

11:00 Wayne Scott (OBA) is going to the House of Assembly according to our reporter in the field.  He beats out David Burch (PLP) and independent Roderick Simons.  It was another close finish.  Margin of victory between first and second was just 10 votes in #27.

10:57 Premier Paula Cox loses her seat.  The voters of #14 have fired the chief manager of the country's finances.

10:55 Roberts-Holshouser (OBA) gets the better of  Bean (PLP) in #4.  OBA retains the seat it won in 2007.  It was a close finish.  515 to 467 respectively... 15 for the independent Franis and 12 rejected ballots.

10:53 Offical results -- PLP 14; OBA 9.  This thing will come down to the wire!

10:51 Foggo (PLP) holds off Cannonier (OBA) down in #3.  Foggo retains her seat.

10:49 Offical results: PLP - 13 seats... OBA - 7 seats.  16 seats left to determine.  It's a jump ball.  The country's future hangs in the balance.

10:48 The country is divided.

10:47 Micheal Scott (PLP) wins by just 8 votes in the race versus Ray Charlton (OBA).  Razor thin margin.

10:44 The Mayor of St. George's is on course to elevate his office.  It looks like he's going to the House of Assembly by steamrolling over Dame Jennifer Smith.  Another truly striking storyline tonight.

10:40 Someone better blow the dust off the Constitution and wake up the Governor.  This thing might end in an 18-18 tie!

10:38 Dunkley (OBA) wins in #10 over Minors (PLP).  It's an incredible comeback story. We projected this outcome earlier.

10:36 Shawn Crockwell (OBA) has beaten Scott Simons (PLP) and Charlie Swan (UBP) in a landslide.

10:35 Dennis Lister has beaten Nadia Hamza in #35 up in the west

10:34 Zane DeSilva (PLP) has won over Jon Brunson (OBA) convincingly in #29.

10:31 Glen Smith (OBA) beats the Premier by almost 100 votes.  That's a beat down when you consider about 700 total votes.

10:30 Walton Brown (PLP) wins by six votes over Andrew Simons (OBA) in #17. Closer than a Michael Jordon haircut!

10:28 The Premier of Bermuda has lost her seat to Glen Smith (OBA).  We have independently confirmed what had been assumed earlier.

10:25 I've talked to some PLP supporters and there is worry in that camp tonight.

10:24 Three-quarters of the vote in and Kenny Bascome (OBA) continues to lead over former Premier Jennifer Smith (PLP).  St. Geo North #1

10:20 Leah Scott (OBA) and Rolfe Commissiong (PLP) going to the House of Assembly for the first time.

10:18 Commissiong (PLP) wins in Pem South East #21, but narrowly.  Baron (OBA) loses by just 23 votes.

10:13 Leah Scott (OBA) wins convincingly over Stephen Todd (PLP) in #30.

10:11 3/4's of the vote in and Dunkley continues to widen lead over Minors like Bolt at the Olympics.  I'm going to go out on the limb and say Dunkley wins in #10.  Unofficial, but I think you can take it to the bank.

10:07 Local media outlets report that Premier Paula Cox has lost her seat... but I'm struggling with this one.  Something doesn't smell right.  We have people on it in the newsroom. We'll only report it when we have it confirmed.

10:04 Don't forget our seat counter on the homepage of  19 seats needed to win the Government.

10:01 We have Shawn Crokwell (OBA) over Scott Simmons (PLP) and Charlie Swan (UBP) in #31 Southampton West Central.  From a PLP source.

10:00 OBA takes #25

10:00 FINAL RESULT: We have Mark Pettingale over Dale Buter in #25.

9:56 At the halway point, Tyrrell (PLP) trails Richards (OBA) by 74 votes.  Might Bob Richards be the next Minister of Finance?  He won over Tyrrell in 2007 but in a somewhat surprisingly bad performance.

9:53 Bascome 190 (OBA) Smith 180 (PLP)... It's neck and neck like Cup Match down there.  A six and a four and it's all tied up.

9:48 Another very interesting storyline.  Kim Swan only independent with over 20% of the vote thus far and appears to be costing the oba a seat.  If Anderson-Ming (PLP) wins in #2 and the PLP retain power, the PLP may own Swan a solid.  Actually, two solids after the whole "black surrogate report" that Gary Moreno broke on ZBM.

9:45 Commissiong's (PLP) lead over Baron (OBA) might be too much.  PLP-316 OBA-229.  It would have been really interesting if DeVent had run.  But without him Baron probably doesn't stand a chance.  Three-quarters of the vote is in in 21.

9:43 Election 2012 is like Linsanity.  It's going to great really exciting near the end.

9:40 Twitter surprisingly accurate and witty on election night.  Follow us at @bermudadotcom or @bdasun.  Send us your thoughts, we'll include in the blog.

9:37 In #4 it's still as tight as my mother's jaw when I broke the window playing ball in the house.  After 501 votes, Leroy bean (PLP) has 257, Suzanne holshouser (OBA) has 234...  Kinsley Francis 3... rejected 7

9:35 Pettingale seems to be getting the better of Butler in #25.  He leads (OBA) 340 to (PLP) 260... halfway through the vote count.

9:30 A twitter follower is reminicing about Minors' Beyonce performance after her 2007 victory.  Wants to know if Dunkley can "bust out some Beyonce" of his own.  Hopefully he doesn't do "Single Ladies".  #10 is a race to watch tonight.  Could change hands.... likely in fact.

9:27 Results from #19 in Pembroke: OBA's Jeanne Atherden 131, PLP's Vince Ingham 78
IND Erwin Adderley 9, IND Meredith Stapff 7

9:25 At this stage of the race all indications are that the PLP is "cautiously optimistic" based on the way things are going thus far.  The PLP is protecting 24 seats tonight, need a net of 19 at the end of the night to remain in power.

9:23 Parliamentary registrar website is limping like a striker with a bad hamstring. Tell your friends we're blogging and both our hamstrings are fine.

9:22 1st count down in #6 Ham West: furbert (PLP) 135... hunt (OBA) 85... quarter count.

9:17 Leah Scott (OBA) takes a lead over Stephen Todd (PLP) early on in constituency number 30.  It seems unlikely he'll be able to catch her.

9:14 Commissiong (PLP) continues to show an impressive lead over Jeff Baron (OBA) and the other candidates in #21

9:13 My goodness.  I feel like a journalist again.  Well, at least pretending for one night.

9:12 Parliamentary website has you down?  Fear not! Stick with us, we have reporters stationed at all the major races.

9:08 The Dunkley/Minors story line is a big one.  OBA could gain a seat here and return Dunkley to the House of Assembly.  He lost the seat to Minors in 2007.  It was the seat formally held by Dame Lois Browne Evans.

9:07 First bombshell of the night!!! Dunkley with a 2 to 1 margin of victory over Minors with just a quarter count completed in #10 Smith's North.

9:02 It's hot in this newsroom. I'm shedding a layer.

9:00 Thanks to twitter followers @cliftonw21, @Jer_Rams, @devauneratteray for reading the blog, affectionately known as drivel.

8:58 Results from 4 thus far: 134 for bean, 115 for holshouser 0 for Francis and 2 rejected ballots.  That race is tigher than Joan Rivers' face!  Should come down to the wire.

8:56 I'm inspired! Someone just tweeted from London "keep the drivel coming," he said. LOL

8:55  Early in the vote count from Pem South East, Commissiong has a sizeable lead over Baron, Darrell and Junos.

8:53 From Amanda Dale: OBA candidate Mark Pettingill says he feels confident he will clinch Warwick North East.  The count is going on at Bright Temple AME Church with the names of both candidates evenly matched.  Mr Pettingill said ”Evenly matched wouldn't surprise me as Dale probably had a lot of supporters turn out towards the end of the day."  Asked if he was confident of an OBA win Mr Pettingill said: "Yes I am."

8:50 I wonder if anyone is reading my drivel

8:47 We could see a number of house of assembly rookies when the night is over: Burt, Commissiong, Roberts-Holshouser, Ingham, Atherden, Sousa, Smith, Wilson -- that's a good list from both sides of the aisle.

8:44 Lost the parliamentary registrar website again. It's having a rough night.  Too bad.  Until now that office has done a fantastic job.

8:41 Some results coming in now.  #35: Lister is leading Hamza with 32% of the vote to 19% of the vote.  A lot of counting left to go however.  Lister is expected to win the seat.

8:39 Part of Court Street is closed off for the PLP's post-election party.  OBA's Dunkley was cross that the PLP was calling that event a "victory party"

8:38 Parliamentary website seems to be back up, but moving more slowly than it was before.  Nevermind, just grateful it's back.  Whew!

8:36 From Simon Jones in #30 up in Southampton: Both candidates Leah Scott and Stephen Todd have been welcoming voters since before 8am this morning.
Plp candidate, Stephen Todd, told the Sun he had been greatly encouraged by the turnout throughout the day.  He said: "The thing that has really struck me today has been the enthusiasm of the voters.
"I think the people have dispelled any rumors that they would not come out in force and exercise their rights today."  Ms Scott added: "The reception today has been great. I think we have had something close to a 90 per cent turnout."

8:35 From Mikeala Pearman in the field: the polls have mow closed in st Georges south.
A few constituents and supporters are still gathered outside the polling station, holy trinity church. The candidates, Suzanne Roberts Holshouser of the OBA and Leroy bean of the PLP are inside the building.  Two police officers are standing guard as no one is allowed in.

8:33 Our Don Burgess reports that Patrice Minors is at the polling station watching results, Michael Dunkley has left already for OBA election night headquarters.

8:31 From Amanda Dale in the field: Tension is building outside the polling station in Warwick North East. There are only a couple of reporters and a police officer outside and we can hear the names of the candidates being read out on the ballot papers by the returning officer inside.  At the moment it appears evenly matched between the PLP's Dale Butler and the OBA's Mark Pettingill.

8:29 In the tech age, that website was the only way to get results. Now what do we do?

8:26 Crisis!!! The Parliamentary Registrar's election results website has just crashed.

8:23 On twitter OBA is inviting supporters to Vasco de Gama to watch the results come in and enjoy free food.  Someone let us know what they're serving!

8:21 I voted in constituency 4 at about 12:45pm and at that time I was the only voter in the polling station.  At 8am though, there was a traffic jam!  Turnout will be a very important number to watch.  Analysts think a large turnout favors the incumbents.

8:19 At the start of election day government ministers are required to turn in their GP cars because in the event their party loses no one has to hunt them down for the keys.  It's a good policy.

8:18 Police officers are standing watch outside polling stations across the country as votes are being counted inside.

8:16 Party headquarters tonight for PLP is Alaska Hall on Court Street; for OBA is Vasco de Gama on Reid Street

8:13 Tweet me at @bermudadotcom or on the Sun handle at @bdasun.  We'll try to include some of your thoughts

8:09 Specially trained volunteers will be helping to count ballots at this hour.

8:07 You'll have to forgive me for that one.  I promised a little humor.  :)

8:06 Is it safe to use the word surrogate yet?  Lol. Can't be sure.  Charged political word in 2012.

8:05 Candidates typically gather with their families, supporters at a location near their polling station while the ballots are counted.  They can witness the process or have a surrogate witness.

8:00 Polls closing across the country right now. Results expected shortly.  Stick with us.

7:59 PLP currently has 24 seats, OBA 10.  A huge shift required to sweep OBA into power. PLP has a cushion, but still at risk tonight.

7:56 Remember 19 seats needed to win the Government.

7:55 Keep track of the seat count on our homepage using our Election seat counter.  It launches at 8pm and udpates every time a result is known.

7:53 Polls close at the top of the hour.  Who will lead the country come tomorrow?  What path will the economy take?  So much at stake.

7:51 Butler v. Pettingill, Sousa v Smith, DeSilva v Bronson are the gems in the west.

7:48 Oh, how could I forget 19 and 21!  Hell, they're all worth watching in the east.  Some very interesting races.

7:45 So many exciting races to watch closely tonight -- 1, 2, 4, 6, 10, 11, 18 -- and that's just in the east!

7:40 Right about now campaign operatives on both sides are feeling the nerves, sweating the outcome.  Can't blame them.  I think this one will be close.