Independent candidate David Petty. *File photo
Independent candidate David Petty. *File photo

FRIDAY, DECEMBER 14: Independent candidate David Petty says he will form an advisory committee with the power to put him up for recall if elected in Constituency 20.

Mr Petty, who is running against the OBA’s Susan Jackson, the PLP’s Marcus Jones and fellow independent Jonathan Starling.

Constituency 20 is considered an OBA safe seat, with Louise Jackson winning it for the UBP last time by a 566-vote margin (711 to 145) over the PLP’s Laverne Furbert.

Mr Petty said in a press release: “It has become increasingly clear to me during my canvassing that C20 constituents are deeply unhappy with being taken for granted by the political parties and in having little influence in the running of the country other than when they vote."

He said if elected he will immediately establish a Constituency Committee of industry sector experts to not only advise him of constituency concerns but also to “effectively act as my boss, by having the power of recalling me as the MP for C20. In other words, if that committee were to unanimously decide that I was not doing my job as an MP appropriately on behalf of the constituents, I commit to immediately putting myself up for a bi-election.

“I will not be looking for yes men for this committee. The members of such a committee need not even like me personally.”

Mr Petty said he will look for experts to fill out the committee.

He added: “For too long have we Bermudians had little or no say, other than a vote every five years or so, in how we are governed. I want to empower my constituents to be able to do so and believe that this is an appropriate place to start that journey.”