TUESDAY, DEC. 18: First, I give thanks to the Almighty for having afforded me the opportunity to have served the good people of St. George's West #2 in the House of Assembly for the past 5 years.

Congratulations to Ms. Nandi Davis on her victory in St. George's West #2 and condolences to Mrs. Renee Ming on her unsuccessful campaign.

Strategically, a three way race against the machineries of the two major parties always made this contest extremely difficult for an Independent.

Personally, I have no regrets and would like to thank my family, friends and supporters for their support, sacrifice and hard work.

The people have spoken and I respect their judgment.

A huge thank you to the people of St. George's West #2, it has been an honour  for me to represent the great people of St. George's West over the past 5 years as their Member of Parliament.

Congratulations to the One Bermuda Alliance on winning the government.