FRIDAY, DEC. 21: New Public Safety Minister Michael Dunkley has vowed to tackle challenges faced by the Corrections Service.

And he promised to ‘sort out’ the continuing delays and uncertainty surrounding the X-ray scanner at Hamilton Docks.

He told the Bermuda Sun he wants to hit the ground running and make good progress quickly.

Mr Dunkley added: “The number one thing is to make Bermuda a safer place again. People have to feel safe and that perception has erred over the last four or five years because of the rise in gang violence and shootings.

“It will not take long for me to get up to speed and understand where we are right now because I have been shadow National Security Minister before.

“I am well aware of the challenges we face and I have seen them in my constituency. Corrections has also got some real challenges at the moment and we need to address them quickly.”

Mr Dunkley would not dismiss the idea of sending high profile offenders, who police believe are pulling strings from inside Westgate, abroad. But he added: “My own view is that if there are problems within the system, we should not ship those problems somewhere else.”

Referring to the X-ray scanner at Hamilton Docks he added: “I have been really disappointed with the way this programme has been handled by Government; all we have seen is delay after delay.

“The public do not know what is going on down there and the Bermudian public deserves better. We have wasted millions of dollars and seen no return yet. This has to be a priority and we will address it.”

Mr Dunkley said he would work closely with the Permanent Secretary and listen to suggestions put to him. He added:  “I

want to bring accountability back to the Ministry. There is a huge opportunity for positive change now and although it will not be instantaneous it will happen. I am sure that we are going to find out a lot of things that are very concerning over the weeks ahead about where we are, but it is up to us to get Bermuda on a better track.”