Talent: Kent Hayward, left, and the WA Jazz Band. *Photo by Ernest McCreight
Talent: Kent Hayward, left, and the WA Jazz Band. *Photo by Ernest McCreight

The aim of the Warwick Academy Music Department is to give every student the opportunity to make music a meaningful part of their lives.

The Music Department strives to educate its students so that they are informed and equipped to make a lifetime of music-making and enjoyment a possibility.

Primary school music focuses on singing, focused listening, speech chorus, drama, playing percussion and recorders. Upper primary students learn violin, cello and Orff instrumentation (glockenspiels, xylophones and metallophones).

Our senior curriculum has six main areas of focus: String class for Year Five and select Year Six students; music theory fundamentals for Year Six; general music for Years Seven to Nine; practical and theory studies for ABRSM music students, Years Seven to 11; instrumental music ensembles for ABRSM music students; and more in-depth study for Music GCSE students (Years 10-11) and IB students (Years 12-13).

Warwick Academy has an actual music stream. Each year 25 students apply and audition for the Music class.

They are split into two groups, Wind/Percussion and Strings, and are then committed to the programme for five years. This enables us to reach high performance levels.

Each student follows the ABRSM music theory syllabus up to Grade Five, preparing them for university.

They also take an annual ABRSM theory exam through Year 11, and each plays in an ensemble.

In Strings and Wind, we have flagship groups which perform in the community.

For the Strings, it is the Electric String ensemble. The flagship for the Wind side is the Warwick Academy Jazz Band.

The Music Department is run by myself and Brian Swan, and we are both former Warwick Academy students. We are proud of the musical heritage the school has afforded us and have endeavoured to take music to the next level here.

We are excited to be a part of the 350th celebrations and realize that we are in a special time at a special place.