Angela Berry *Photo supplied
Angela Berry *Photo supplied

FRIDAY, APRIL 27: The vision of the Board of Governors and management team of Warwick Academy is to continue to grow our school into a world-class educational institution of learning excellence, with globally-minded, responsible students.

We share a great sense of pride about the special place Warwick Academy has carved out in shaping Bermuda’s history, and we have a deep sense of anticipation of the promising future that lies ahead as we look to take our school to the next level.

A school is only as strong as its students and therefore, simply put, our highest priority is — and must always continue to be — to put students first. 

Warwick Academy seeks to be a haven for learning, which equips each student with the knowledge and skills necessary to reach his or her individual potential.

We believe that this goal is underpinned by a curriculum framework that provides a strong foundation, together with quality instruction and a culture which is best served by a broad-based, holistic learning environment, where — by employing innovative and modern teaching methods — students are taught creatively, and learning becomes as instinctive as breathing.

A globally-focused interdisciplinary approach to education is also one of the foundational principles we have established at Warwick Academy.

In this modern age, students need to be aware of global events and trends, and to understand the underlying issues and potential outcomes, so that they are prepared for and can confidently take their place in both the local and wider international communities.

Warwick Academy is already an IB World School and embraces the ethos of the IB programme, but aims to become an International IB School.


It is also our belief that students learn what is truly valued by observing what we, their teachers and mentors, give our attention to.

Therefore, in addition to the usual ‘3 Rs’ of academic success, we encourage and expect faculty to seek to incorporate and pattern into the learning process an additional set of 3 Rs — Responsibility, Respect and Relationships; responsibility for their education and actions, and mutual respect for one another which will lead to good interpersonal relationships. 

This should result in the development of our students as ethical, responsible citizens and will undoubtedly assist them in achieving ultimate educational success.

The success of our school has always been, and will continue to be, the result of the commitment of the entire Warwick Academy family — including its Board, management, teachers, parents, alumni and friends in the community. 

We pledge to continue to build upon the legacy developed over the last 350 years as we strive to shape the future and bring our vision to fruition.