Robin Spencer-Arscott *Photo supplied
Robin Spencer-Arscott *Photo supplied

Robin Spencer-Arscott attended Warwick Academy from 1947 to 1960.

He is married to Ann Spencer-Arscott, director of the Bermuda Red Cross, and has three sons, Steven, 40, Andrew, 20, and Ryan, 16, and two granddaughters, Madison, six, and Emily, three.

Mr Spencer-Arscott, 70, of Paget, is the deputy chairman for AAA Risk Solutions Ltd.

He said: “I was enrolled in Warwick Academy in 1947 at the tender age of six. In the class photo, I think I was nine. I was there until I graduated from high school in 1960.

“It was a great school, not that I had anything to compare it with, but I remember I was very happy there.

“I was a house captain and a prefect; I did well enough academically  to achieve a distinction in English Language, credits in English Literature and Religion and comfortable passes in Mathematics, Spanish, History and Geography. Certainly sufficient to gain me acceptance into Dalhousie University in Nova Scotia.

“However, the lure of International Business won me over. I thought I would try it for a year to see if I liked it, as I was told I could still apply to university in a year if that became my choice, and to this day I am still involved in International Business.

“Despite this class photo showing only males, there was an equal number of young ladies at Warwick which helped to make it a wonderful environment in which to grow up.

“I have nothing but happy memories of my time at Warwick Academy. I treasure the friendships that I made there and, to a certain extent, still have to this day.

“I am also happy that I was in school at a time when learning was welcomed by the students and when respect was given to those who were teaching us.”