Fun on the water: Students have the unique opportunity of learning to sail on an Open Bic (above) at the Royal Hamilton Amateur Dinghy Club. *Photo supplied
Fun on the water: Students have the unique opportunity of learning to sail on an Open Bic (above) at the Royal Hamilton Amateur Dinghy Club. *Photo supplied

Summer is around the corner and that means just one thing at the Royal Hamilton Amateur Dinghy Club: boating fun for kids.

The RHADC runs a flexible and family-orientated programme of sailing for children of all ages and all levels of skill.

Qualified instructors ensure the classes are conducted in a safe and secure environment where children can enjoy the thrills and spills of the great outdoors.

Jorges Chiapparro, head coach at the RHADC, says the club’s summer programme is all about having fun in the sun.

He added: “Sailing is a fantastic sport that teaches you all sorts of things.

“It gives you self confidence and teaches you to make decisions.

“It is physically demanding and requires skill.

“We give the children the opportunity to enjoy this great sport in a unique and secure environment.

“The safety of the children is the most important thing.

“We pride ourselves on our safety record and it is the result of very hard work and preparation.

“We try and get right mix between having fun in your holidays by taking your boat and enjoying yourself.

“We don’t force anyone to do anything. It is all about safe fun.”

The summer programme at the Dinghy Club runs from July 2 to August 31.

Children between the ages of five and 18 can learn to sail on a range of different sized crafts from the simple and easy to manoeuvre Optis to Lasers and even J24’s.

The Dinghy Club is also the only place in Bermuda where you can learn to sail on an exciting and faster model of boat called the Open Bic.

This new generation of boat is designed so you can just flip it over when you capsize and carry on sailing, instead of spending 20 minutes baling water out of the older models

Coach Chiapparro says: “It is very exciting to be able to offer the children the chance to learn to sail in these new boats.

“They are exciting to sail and they can really prepare you for higher levels of competition.

“But the important thing for us is to ensure we cater for all children of all different sailing standards.

“So whether you have never sailed before, or you have been out on the water lots of times we will make sure you have fun on the water.”

The sailing classes are run five days a week from 9am to 12pm and 1pm to 4pm.

But children are welcome to bring their lunch with them and stay the whole day, or even take advantage of the club food.

The RHADC also offers after sailing care so parents can rest easy knowing their sons and daughters are looked after by professionals until they can get away from work.

Parents’ night

Another great little touch is the club’s monthly ‘parents’ night’, where youngsters can take their parents out on a boat and show them exactly what they have learned on the programme.

Coach Chiapparro added: “Our programme is very family-orientated and the parent’s night has proved very successful in the past.

“The whole experience is a great adventure for the children and many leave it with new-found confidence and skills they never knew they had. I have had letters from children who have taken part in the summer programme saying their summer at the club was the best summer of their lives.”

The summer programme is designed to be as flexible possible so children can make the most of it when they are free.

You can book in for half days or full days, or get your place secured on a week-to-week basis.

Many of the older children end up booking for two-week blocks, so grab your place where there are places available.

To find out more about the Dinghy Club’s summer programmes and prices call Emily Boden on 236 3077 or email her at