Hands-on: Conrad Gift, right, with Kevin Roberts, Air Care operations manager. *Photo supplied
Hands-on: Conrad Gift, right, with Kevin Roberts, Air Care operations manager. *Photo supplied

A young Bermudian, Conrad Gift, recently joined the operations team at Air Care to gain first-hand experience working on some of the most technically complex mechanical systems on the island, assisted by our technical team.

During his summer break, Conrad was looking for an opportunity to do something different and to explore his career options. With Air Care, he found both.

Conrad worked within Air Care’s technical support team, performing jobs that usually take place behind the scenes;  preventative maintenance.

Mechanical systems can be large and complex, but hidden away from the occupants of a building.

They are essential and integral to the operation of a facility for many reasons, including comfort and health.


During the summer Conrad worked on commercial chilled water air conditioning systems, fire systems and multi-zone VRV systems for the first time.

He learned how much continuous work goes into managing and maintaining critical air conditioning systems which provide climate control. 

He also gained a valuable insight into Bermuda’s premier commercial buildings, including Washington Properties, ACE Global, BF&M Insurance, Chartis, Bermuda Underwater Exploration Institute, Waterfront Properties, Fairmont Hamilton Princess, Fairmont Southampton Resort, LF Wade International Airport, King Edward VII Memorial Hospital, AS Coopers, as well local banking institutions.

He now has experience working on chilled water systems, including fan coil units, air handling units, chilled water pumps and chiller plants, by manufacturers such as McQuay, York, Trane and Multistack.

Additionally he has gained experience in maintaining systems which control temperature-sensitive areas in data centres, and which have stringent conditions for data processing.

Kevin Roberts, Air Care operations manager, said: “Giving a young man like Conrad the opportunity to gain valuable hands-on experience in our industry is exactly like the kind of opportunity young Bermudians should be given.

“Employers need to look at ways to expose Bermudians to their industries — it is our future. This is the only way you can determine someone’s aptitude for the technologies, and gauge if the opportunities available are of legitimate interest.

“That is exactly how I started in the industry more than 30 years ago.

“Conrad now realizes the scope of work and the requirements for managing some of the largest and most complex facilities in Bermuda, and if he applies himself I see no reason why he wouldn’t be able to make a successful career within the commercial air conditioning industry.

“I am proud to have had Conrad join our team this summer and hope we can help him with a future in our industry.”

Conrad said: “I would like to thank Air Care for providing me with the opportunity to experience working with Air Care’s facilities management team.

“Everyone at Air Care is truly friendly, and went out of their way to make me feel at home and part of their team.

“I have experienced working on a range of mechanical systems that provide cooling to Bermuda’s largest commercial buildings, including chilled water systems, state-of-the-art multi-zone systems by Daikin, and energy management and fire systems, and have been involved with the administration that brings it all together.

“Thanks to Air Care, I can see a career in the commercial air conditioning industry and I look forward to next summer when I hope to return.”

For more information go to www.aircare.bm or call 292-7342.

Scholarship Recipients 2012