Investment: Attaining a degree is an expensive business. *MCT photo
Investment: Attaining a degree is an expensive business. *MCT photo

Winning a scholarship or bursary can go a long way towards covering your school fees.

Let’s face it, studying for a degree these days is a costly business. In the UK it is reported that students graduate with an average debt of £26,000.

In the US and Canada the figure is $25,000 and rising.

Attaining a degree however, can go a long way towards furthering your career, particularly in the current tough economic climate.

Going to college can also enrich you as a person. Apart from the academics, university provides a well-rounded education in how to go forth in life.

Freshman moving away from home quickly learn how to look after themselves, how to budget and how to make new friends with people from all walks of life.

Most Bermudian students have to move overseas to attend college, giving them a ‘global’ perspective and an independence which serves them well.

Much of this would not be possible however, without the generosity of families and sponsors here on the island.

In this supplement we feature some of the scholarships of 2012 and their lucky recipients.

Companies and organizations featured include: BELCO; the Bermuda Hospitals Board; Bermuda Health Foundation; XL; Bank of Butterfield; Marsh; The Garden Club of Bermuda; KPMG; Air Care; BAC Group; and Devonshire Parish Council.

We also offer advice for new students on how to make the most of your college years, and how to stay safe and healthy.

For next year, Catherine Lapsley of the Bermuda Foundation for Insurance Studies offers students sterling advice on ‘how to win a scholarship’.

Congratulations to all the 2012 scholarship winners, and good luck to all of Bermuda’s students as you head off to college.

Scholarship Recipients 2012