What’s the right number of trips for the Premier to take in a year? Nicola Muirhead asked residents the question.

Winston Rawlins, Reverend

‘The Premier is required to take trips as part of his profession. 

I don’t believe 17 trips in 2013 is excessive, because the Premier is obligated to do what he needs to do in his position.’



Connie Mallory, Works at a gift shop

‘I wouldn’t know because I don’t know the nature of the business and what needs to be done for the country. So how many trips he takes is really dependent on that.’



Justin Easton, Works at WoW

‘Well, depending on the nature of the trip, I would definitely say it depends on that — more or less.  But I hope he will take into consideration that it is the tax payers’ money that is paying for these trips.’



Rashie Tucker, Works at Lindo’s

‘A hundred!  I think the Premier should take a break from working, and that’s my opinion.’



Danny Brisson, Works in construction

‘I would think that his duty requires him to do at least 10 trips a year, because he’s going to have to attend conferences overseas and represent the country.  So I would say, definitely 10 trips would be normal.’



Maria Duffy, Store manager

‘I guess as much as he feels necessary.  But who really knows at the end of the day; it’s his decision and the Government’s decision.’