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“Real Bermudians are black. They live in black neighbourhoods, their children go to public school, their partners are other real Bermudians, they don’t go away to school or university, they belong to the union, and they support the Progressive Labour Party.” 

Ex-OBA Senator Toni Daniels April 26, 2014

It is clear that the OBA, via ex-OBA Senator Toni Daniels’ race-based, anti-Bermudian rants, chooses to look down upon Bermudians who fall into the following categories:

* Black

Married to other Bermudians

* Live in black neighbourhoods

* Have not been to university

* Send their children to public school

* Are members of one of these unions:-







Perhaps Ms. Daniels forgets that the OBA’s entire election campaign was based on attracting black votes. Let’s reflect:-

* OBA election flyers had only black faces on them

* OBA promised social and economic equality

* Craig Cannonier’s first speech in 2011 spoke of racial inequalities 

The OBA has truly run out of steam, when their only option left is to degrade the majority of Bermudians, by labelling those that do not support them, as uneducated and non-critical thinkers. 

After her race-based, anti-Bermudian rant, Toni Daniels then coyly asks, “Will we ever be able to move forward together?”

Seriously? She sounds similar to the owner of the LA Clippers, Donald Sterling.

“When ignorant folks want to advertise their ignorance, you don’t really have to do anything, you just let them talk.”

President Barak Obama

First at the table

The priority of the OBA is first and foremost to appease certain non-Bermudians while leaving Bermudians as an afterthought. This is evident from the following OBA actions:-

* Removed Term Limits, without protecting certain occupations for Bermudians

* Attempted to give the children of guest workers the right to employment without the need of a work permit

* Committed to granting status to the children of guest workers.

* Granted $20 million in hotel tax concessions, without directly linking it to a significant number Bermudian employment 

* Refused to reveal the Bermuda Tourism Authority CEO’s salary despite being funded by taxpayers

* Potentially introducing commercial immigration and the concept of selling our land and right to vote

* Amended the Companies Act to allow foreign companies to own residential property while failing to grow Bermudian home ownership 

* Amended the Job Makers Incentive Act, making it easier for a company’s executive to qualify for PRC status by reducing the minimum Bermudian employee requirement from 25 to 10

* Suggested relaxing the 60/40 rule

As a prime example, the Clarien Bank recently rescinded its’ staff mortgage benefit.  

On ZBM, OBA’s MP Bob Richards opted to come to the defence of the bank, who wish to increase its profits, instead of the Bermudian employees, who simply wish to keep their family homes.  

Based on OBA’s actions over the last 16 months, let all of the people of Bermuda judge who the OBA truly supports.

“And If I have to make it easier for rich white people to own land in Bermuda, that is fine!” 

— MP Bob Richards HoA, March 1, 2013.