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Statement by PLP Leader Marc Bean: 

It is clear by his actions that Premier Cannonier has no regard for the rules of the House of Assembly, the rulings of the Speaker, and by extension the people of Bermuda.

This morning, in the House of Assembly, Premier Cannonier was asked the following questions:

1) Will the Honourable Premier please inform this Honourable House if he and any of the Principals of Landow & CO. Builders (Bethesda, MD) have met, spoken via telephone, or corresponded via email, since his Personal Explanation given to this Honourable House on May 31, 2013. 

2) Will the Honourable Premier please confirm to this Honourable House if the “Exchange of Information” trip to Washington DC, detailed in his Personal Explanation of May 31, 2013, was the first time the Honourable Premier had met any of the Principals of Landow & CO. Builders (Bethesda, MD). 

After being directed by the Speaker of the House to answer these questions Yes or No, Premier Cannonier refused to do so, under the grounds of refusing to prejudice himself.

This is not accountability, transparency, or openness. It is cowardice, arrogance, and contempt for the people of Bermuda at the highest level. 

The Premier may fear incriminating himself, but no matter how much he attempts to hide the truth it will inevitably be revealed.