The One Bermuda Alliance will roll out our candidate for Constituency 20 before Nomination Day, November 29.  Our leader Craig Cannonier said this clearly last week. 

But before the Government falls over itself checking on what the OBA is doing, it should take a good hard look at itself – at the fact, for instance, that it has not yet rolled out the Premier as a candidate in Constituency 14. Why is that? Given the history, voters might well ask just who is going to be the next leader of the Progressive Labour Party.

The PLP spin doctors like to suggest there is fighting within the OBA. They’re just shooting arrows in the air. Our team is strong, morale is high. In fact Senator Dunkley made that very clear when he was asked by the press about that very issue. His full statement can be seen here:

Often in elections, one side will attack another to deflect attention from its own weaknesses, and this is exactly what the PLP is doing here. There is plenty to suggest there is fighting within the PLP's ranks, from Cabinet ministers punching at each other in the House of Assembly, to MPs being ousted in their own constituencies, to ministers refusing a Cabinet shuffle.

And so it makes sense that this Government should spend all its election campaign energies trying to tear down the OBA; trying to keep people from looking too closely at  the PLP's unhappy team and the fact  that  they offer Bermuda no plan, no solutions, no hope. So far all we have heard is excuses. They are the excuses government. 

Bermudians want answers and assurances that their future is going to get better. The OBA will continue to speak for change; change that brings them a Bermuda built on social and economic equity, leaving no one behind; with good-paying jobs, safe neighbourhoods and great schools. That’s the change we believe in, and that’s what we will continue talking about.

The Government wants to talk about anything but Bermuda today – the thousands unemployed and under-employed, the soaring debt – and what they should do to undo what they’ve done. They’re standing in the centre of a mess, and they want everyone to look away.    

Oh, and by the way, the only known case of nepotism that we are aware of is in Constituency 24 where Lawrence Scott is running in his father’s old seat.