FRIDAY, NOV. 16: The FutureCare health plan for seniors in safe hands with the OBA, the party said yesterday.

Candidates Michael Dunkley, the shadow health Minister in the last parliament, and health shadow board member Andrew Simons lined up to insist there were no plans to axe the programme.

Mr Simons, who is standing in Pembroke Central, accused the PLP of stirring up fear among older people with false claims on the OBA’s position on the programme.

Mr Simons said: “For most seniors, health care is their number one concern. They worry about getting sick, about having access to good doctors and about how they will pay for their medical care and prescriptions.

“That’s why FutureCare is so important to them. It answers many of their needs. And that’s why it’s so shameful that the Government election machine keeps lying to our seniors about the One Bermuda Alliance.

“Once more, for the record, the OBA supports FutureCare. We will not abolish FutureCare. We will not cut FutureCare. In fact, under an OBA Government, seniors currently enrolled in FutureCare will see no change in their benefits.”

But he added that FutureCare – and Bermuda’s health care system as a whole – was “not perfect” and “too expensive... Government’s administration costs are too high.”