WEDNESDAY, NOV. 21: We are not just complaining and talking Bermuda down, we are taking action to provide jobs for our Bermudian young people. Just today, we announced the extension of the Waiter/Server programme. Those Bermudians that are interested in getting training and a job in hospitality are encouraged to call 297-7714 or 292-3700 to sign up for the programme.

It’s not just waiters and servers. We have also trained or are training hundreds of Bermudians in accounting, IT, landscaping, Construction Trades, Telecommunications, and Nail Techs. Further, we are the party that more than doubled the number of college and graduate school scholarships available to Bermudians.

Bermuda's debt remains among the lowest in the developed world. Even when adjusted for population, our debt is substantially lower than that of the United States, the United Kingdom and virtually every other country in the region or the world The investments that this debt has paid for better the lives of all Bermudians; old Bermudians, young Bermudians, and unborn Bermudians.

Consider what Bermuda might look like without these investments. We would not have a new Lamb Foggo Clinic or a vehicle testing facility in the East End. We wouldn't have a new wharf thats brings cruise passengers to our shores and provides jobs for our young people. We would not have modern schools for our students to learn in. We would not have affordable housing at places like Perimeter Lane and HarbourView Village. These investments matter to the people of Bermuda and the PLP remains proud of its record.

What Bermuda cannot afford is an OBA government who has not clearly defined any position on any issue. Bermuda cannot afford to be caught up in soundbites over substance. The Progressive Labour Party has clearly outlined our plan for recovery and growth that includes Job Corps Bermuda and the One Stop Career Centre. We're not complainers - we're taking action to place real Bermudians in real jobs.