THURSDAY, MAR. 31: Bermudian singing star Heather Nova is to donate a percentage of profits from her new album to a charity dedicated to helping victims in disaster zones.

The singer is to release her new album through PledgeMusic, which aims to bring artists and fans together to support good causes.

Ms Nova, whose album is due for release next month, said: “Having chosen not to go with a major label this time, I have the freedom to do things a little differently with this release.

“Via PledgeMusic, I’d like to invite people to get involved – I’ve really appreciated all the support I’ve had over the years and this time I’m trying some new ways to bring you my music as well as some other memorabilia.”

Through the PledgeMusic site, fans can make pledges and become eligible for special offers like signed CDs, VIP passes and other one-off items.

And – once the target number of pledges is reached – 10 per cent of any money raised after that will be donated to U.S.-based charity Last Mile Operations.

The charity works independently but in cooperation with the United Nations as well as with international groups and U.S. federal and state organisations to bring direct relief to areas hit by natural disasters.

Ms Nova said: “Last Mile is dedicated to carrying practical, useful aid the toughest mile – the last mile.

“They specialise in remote access operations, travelling to the furthest corners of any natural disaster zone in the world, helping those who are over-looked by the larger-scale aid organizations.

“This is a cause close to my heart and in fact one of my new songs Higher Ground was inspired by Matt George, the founder of Last Mile, so it’s especially meaningful to me that people will be helping him and his organisation do their good work.”

Ms Nova’s page on PledgeMusic is at