Some people live life like an ant, forever scurrying and preparing and working. Others soar like eagles and leave their inscriptions on peaks of human experiences. Still others live the regular lives of birds and animals who migrate south, then north, then south again in a never-ending cycle of predictability. Julian Hall's life was not like that of a scurrying ant, a soaring eagle, or a migrator.

Through sheer intelligence mixed with discipline and hard work, he graduated from high school in Bermuda. Sponsored by the 'white' firm Conyers, Dill and Pearman, Julian studied law in the U.K., and then returned to Bermuda to open his own law practice. For a long while, for those persons who thought they needed the best possible legal representation before Bermuda's 'beaks', the inveterate cry would be: "Get me Julian!".  Julian took one case, fought it right through to the U.K.'s Privy Council - and won. Julian Accepted by the PLP family, in the 1989 election, Julian Hall ran for Parliament and won a seat in Hamilton Parish. This re-catapulted him onto the national stage. From this PLP Parliamentary seat, from 1989 to 1993, Julian Hall was unquestionably the best orator and the most entertaining speaker of all 40 members of Bermuda's House of Assembly.

Political entertainer

With the advent of live broadcasting from the House of Assembly, all Bermuda could listen to this superb practitioner of the art of public speaking. His cadence, his syntax, his meaningful pauses, his allusions, his modulation, his ability to take a heckle, turn it to his advantage, and still move on made for hours of excellent political entertainment.

However, his speeches, once subjected to objective analysis, might not always make complete sense; but oh, how entertaining and amusing. That he did not always make complete sense was often a fact that, when set against the entertainment value, tended to become small and almost unimportant. Almost, though not quite, irrelevant.

Then, in 1993, though we did not know it at the time, Julian began flaming out.

In the 1993 election, Julian admitting that he had not canvassed in his constituency, lost his seat and his national platform. However, Julian began making national headlines again. But not all these headlines were good. He and his law practice had a run of serious problems. These problems resulted, eventually, in a March 2000 decision to refuse him a certificate to practice law in Bermuda.

Julian then spent years in a legal and professional wilderness. For a time, he was unwilling, and perhaps unable, to live and work in his own native land.  Apparently disenchanted with politics but often found on the periphery of major political actions. Eventually, after almost a decade, a 2009 Act of Parliament permitted Julian to be re-instated to the Bermuda Bar.

Some people scurry through life like ants. Others soar and fly like eagles. Still others live like birds and animals who, following the stars and the sun, migrate south then north then south again in a never-ending cycle.

And then there are those beautiful moths, who flit about in grand swooping flights, and then fly too close to a flame and flame out.