Stormy seas off of Blackwatch Pass in Pembroke.Photo by Kageaki Smith
Stormy seas off of Blackwatch Pass in Pembroke.
Photo by Kageaki Smith

TUESDAY, DEC. 21: Temperatures hit a record low of 48 degrees today, making it the coldest day of the year.

It’s two degrees lower than the previous record for a December day. Last Thursday, December 16, the low was 50 degrees, tying the previous record low for December.

The coldest day ever recorded in Bermuda was 44 degrees on February 27, 1950.

Michelle Pitcher, meteorologist for the Bermuda Weather Service said: “This morning we reached a record low temperature of 48F/9C. 

“The previous low for today was 54F/12C set in 1955.  This is also the new lowest recorded for the month of December; the previous low was 50F/10C. 

“Finally, this is also the lowest temperature so far of 2010.”

Today is it cloudy with a risk of thunder and hail continuing through the morning.

Strong winds are coming from the northwest, with gale fore gusts to storm force. Gusts are expected to increase along with heavier rain showers.

The chilly conditions are expected to linger this evening with a low near 55 degrees.

And stormy conditions will continue for the rest of the week with highs near 65 degrees and lows near 57 degrees.

A thunderstorm advisory and both a gale and storm warning are valid for this morning.

Photos to follow.