WEDNESDAY 10PM: A horrific accident tonight saw a teenager losing control of his motorcycle, sliding underneath an east bound bus, and killing him.

The accident happened around 9pm Wednesday night when the Number 11 Grotto Bay bus collided with the 19-year-old motorcyclist near the entrance of Shelly Bay Park. The bus dragged him approximately 30 yards before it could stop.

The St. George's teenager, dressed in work boots, khaki pants and an orange shirt, lay trapped beneath the bus for 30 minutes as the fire department worked feverishly to release him.

12 passanegers were huddled in the back of the bus as the front door was jammed shut. They were evacuated through a window after the teenager was freed.

Eyewitness accounts were conflicting as to what happened, but passengers agree that the motorcyclist was on the wrong side of the road.

One person said that the man took the corner too fast with another saying that the bike slid out on the wet pavement.

One passenger said she heard a "Crash! Crash!" as the bus hit the man.

The man was alive and moving his head while the firemen used jacks to raise the bus. Several times police officers had to tell the crowd to move back and one onlooker even put his right hand on front of the bus as he leaned down to look at the rescue effort. An officer told the man to back off and he sheepishly returned to the sidewalk.

The fireman were first able to free the orange Yamaha V80 bike and then carefully removed the trapped man from his prison.

About 15 firemen and paramedics huddled around the man, whose legs lay twisted, while one fireman used his hands as he furiously pumped the man's chest.

Fireman BF10's left jacket sleeve was coated in blood from the shoulder to the cuff.

They put the teenager on a gurney. During the entire time, they continued to pump the accident victim's chest.

He was taken put in an ambulance and taken to King Edward VII Hospital.

He was pronounced dead at the hospital.