Bean stole a variety of items including vodka, frozen fish and diapers. *Creative Commons photos
Bean stole a variety of items including vodka, frozen fish and diapers. *Creative Commons photos

TUESDAY, JULY 24: A serial burglar who went on a crime spree over the course of a month was jailed for four years today.

Jamiko Bean pleaded guilty in June to several offences including stealing frozen fish, diapers, baby formula, Grey Goose vodka and two bikes.

The 30-year-old also broke into guesthouses and even pretended to be a security officer to avoid detection.

Sentencing him, Senior Magistrate Archibald Warner said: “These offences were committed by this defendant, the Crown says when on a spree.

"A spree of dishonesty as the dates and the offences indicate.

“I must consider in the sentencing regime the personal circumstances of the defendant and to be honest, there are few, if any, personal circumstances, mitigating circumstances.

“He continued: “The biggest one is his cooperation and at the earliest opportunity, he plead guilty to this host of offences.

“Of course, that saves the authorities including this court and the victims time, effort and the economic cost that goes with having a trial.”

In Bean’s first hearing the court heard the crime wave began when he took a Suzuki motorcycle belonging to Jessica Araujo between May 13 and 16.

On May 23 he stole a bottle of Grey Goose vodka from Lindo’s in Warwick and fled the scene when confronted by the manager.

At the beginning of June he stole $150 worth of frozen fish from the Fairmont Hamilton Princess.

On June 12 he broke into a guest room at the Sandpiper Apartments in Warwick and made off with a Samsung cell- phone worth $700 belonging to the occupants, who were visiting the island.

One of the guests later told police he was woken by a light at 3:30am and saw a man standing by the fridge.

The next day the deputy principal arrived at Tree Tops Nursery in Southampton to find the glass doors smashed and the office ransacked.

Bean admitted breaking into the nursery and stealing children’s certificates.

Later the same day he ran off with Huggies diapers and Similac formula worth $127 without paying from the Modern Mart after his card was declined.

On June 14 Bean burgled the Elbow Beach Tennis Shop and stole a cash register, cash box and cash to the total value of $650.

The same day he broke into a Belvedere Road apartment and took parka pants and a purse worth $60.

His victim was asleep on her couch and woke up at 12am to find Bean in her home.

He initially asked her for money but then took the pants and the purse when she said she did not have any.

Within hours Bean knocked on another property in the same road pretending to be a security officer conducting checks.

But the female occupant would not open the door to him.

On June 16, his crime spree was brought to an end when he was arrested on a stolen Honda Scoopy motorcycle on Harrington Sound Road.

He admitted taking the bike without the consent of owner Alaina Dowling from outside her home.

Mr Warner sentenced each count individually ranging from six months to four years.

All sentences will run concurrent from June 19.