WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 5: Fourteen-year-old schoolgirl Rhianna Moore was pregnant at the time of her murder last year. A supreme Court jury also heard that she was having a secret relationship with the man accused of viciously stabbing her more than eighteen times.

In his opening speech to the seven-woman, five-man panel, Deputy DPP Michael McColm said that not even the girl's mother knew of the affair or that her daughter was pregnant.

Cellphone and text message records, he claimed, show "long and prolific contact between the defendant and Miss Moore up to the time she was last seen alive."

The text messages, the prosecutor offered, show the nature of the relationship between the two.

That was on the evening of May 30, hours before her half-naked body was found dumped face down in mud among mangrove trees at Blue Hole Park off The Causeway.

Ze Menefeskiduse Selassie, 33, of Battery Road, St. David's denies a single count of premeditated murder on or about last May 31.

The prosecutor defined premeditation for the jury as having the intent to cause Rhianna's death with the intent being deliberately formed before her death.

An autopsy on the girl's body, Mr. McColm said, showed over 18 stab wounds to her head, neck, torso and elsewhere.

"There were two stab wounds in particular," he related, "that alone or together were fatal and either could have caused death."

One of those wounds was near the right collarbone at the neck and went through muscle tissue and cut Rhianna's jugular vein.

The other, the Crown lawyer added, was to her lower back.

"It was deep enough to cut her liver and kidney and to pierce her renal (kidney) vein," he explained.

Other injuries suggested that the girl was hurt trying to ward off an attack.

"Miss Moore was subjected to a vicious attack by someone wielding a knife," Mr. McColm claimed. "She was stabbed so many times and in such a manner that the intent was only to cause death.

"The prosecution says that the person who did that was the defendant."

The autopsy further revealed that the girl was carrying a child between 28 and 30 weeks in development.

He added that the case against Mr. Selassie is based on circumstantial evidence that will lead to the conclusion that it was only he, and no one else, who killed Rhianna.

Mr. Selassie was seen leaving Ferry Reach in his car at about 10:30 pm heading into St. George, Mr. McColm explained.

The car is a blue Suzuki Swift, registered number 42674.

The car was moving fast and the front passenger seat appeared to be down.

After that, he said, another witness saw a man standing by a small blue hatchback car in St. David's arguing with someone inside.

"The man was banging on the car," the prosecutor said, "and shouting 'what are you doing to me, Rhi?'"

Mr. Selassie was seen returning home at about six in the morning in his car and drove to the City Hall car park in Hamilton at about 7:15 am to have his car washed, Mr. McColm told the jury.

"The defendant was noticeably tired and the car was extremely dirty," he said. "There was a lot of mud on the wheels and wheel arches."

The defendant was next filmed by surveillance cameras at the Tynes Bay garbage incinerator where he produced a black garbage bag from his car and disposed of it.

Later forensic examination of the car turned up the DNA of both Rhianna and Mr. Selassie on the front passenger seat and handprints there and elsewhere, the prosecutor said.

Chief Justice Richard Ground is conducting the trial.

Crown Counsel Cindy Clarke and Larissa Burgess are assisting Mr. McColm.

John Perry QC and barrister Elizabeth Christopher represent Mr. Selassie.