FRIDAY, FEB. 10: The OBA once again show their true face as opportunists less interested in the public good than in their own political agenda. They are more keen on increasing their fortunes in politics and their pockets to the detriment of the public good.

On February 9, 2012, the Premier Hon. Paula A. Cox JP MP informed the Opposition that "...Government members in the Legislature are prepared to accept similar arrangement which would for a period of one year involve a cessation of pension contributions...with a reduction in gross salary...”. Added with that, "...Ministers and Government Members were prepared to accept an additional decrease in their salaries of 5%."

We are all aware of the economic challenges and the difficulties of many people in the community. This initiative was clearly put forward to make sure we all would be making real steps to have a positive effect on government revenue as we work together to reach the goals of job stability and revenue stabilising. Not symbolism but real substance. Everyone here contributes to making the sacrifice for the benefit of all.

This intention has been shattered by an irresponsible Opposition and we know why. They really thought the government members would never do it and would have it as a whipping stick during the Budget. The offer by the Government members dashed their hopes.

So what do they do? Use media sensationalism to give their reply to the Premier and reject the proposal.

An act of good governance is stained by a disgraceful political maneuver.

The public will see the OBA effort for what it is - a cheap political parlour trick!

The Government seeks to work with our union partners as the Opposition seeks to deviously divide. OBA Politics is not politics of the people, it is politics of opportunism. The Opposition One Bermuda Alliance will continue to relish gloom, doom and disunity. They sadly seek to make political points to the country's detriment.

Government Ministers and backbenchers should be credited for making the choice to stand with workers to make a sacrifice for the public good. A sacrifice for all Bermuda.