June 5, 2003 – Kenneth Burgess’s father is beaten and robbed of $2,500 by four men at Crown Hill Lane, Devonshire — an aluminum baseball bat is found at the scene.

About a year before the murders Kenneth Burgess has a violent confrontation with Jahmil Cooper in his gambling den on Elliott Street — the twin had threatened Mr. Burgess’s father over reported claims he accused the twins of the robbery.

In the week before the Coopers were murdered there, Clifton Burt, a mason and tenant of Mr. Burgess, plasters walls in the downstairs apartment at 7 Crown Hill Lane.

March 13

Around 3:00am Gladwyn Cann and Devario Whitter, Cooper friends, hang out on Elliott Street – they and others go with the defendants to Crown Hill Lane between 3:30am and 5:00am, expecting instead to go to the Ambassador’s Club on Reid Street.

At the apartment Mr. Burgess pummels the twins with his fists and a baseball bat in the presence of the others – blood ‘flies everywhere’.

Between 4:00am and 5:00am, after the beatings, Mr. Robinson takes the others to the Ambassadors Club with money from Mr. Burgess.

4:28-7:22am Mr. Burgess and his wife exchange seven telephone calls regarding their sick son and his medical treatment – Mr. Burgess uses them to support his alibi that he was gambling all night.

5:30-6:40am the killers dump the bodies over Abbott’s Cliff and a van like Mr. Robinson’s is seen on surveillance video going to and from that direction.

9:19pm Gladwyn Cann goes to Hamilton Police Station with Rochelle Cooper Zuill, the twins’ mother and Kenneth Woolfe, a friend, to report that the twins were kidnapped that morning.

10:00pm Dc Carl Neblett takes the report and calls Mr. Burgess to the police station.

10:22-11:07pm Mr. Burgess makes six telephone calls on his cellphone to lawyers’ homes or firms.

11:20-11:40pm Dc Neblett records a statement from Mr. Burgess about his movements that morning – Mr. Burgess gives an alibi statement.

11:50pm Dc Neblett arrests Mr. Burgess on instructions from his supervisor.

2:25am The officer and others take Mr. Burgess to the apartment and execute a search warrant to examine the scene.

March 14

Serious Crime Unit takes charge of the investigation.

March 15

Forensic Support Unit becomes involved and examines the apartment – seizing small samples of blood from inside despite evidence of plastering since the murders.

5:00pm that day investigators find a FUBU shirt in the apartment above the murder scene – it is later found with Jahmal Cooper’s and Mr. Burgess’s DNA on it.

March 16

10:43am Detectives seize Mr. Burgess’s Tissot watch from his property at Hamilton Police Station – Jahmal Cooper’s DNA was later found on it.

March 17 and March 19

The Government Analyst examines Mr. Burgess’s car and finds Jahmal Cooper’s blood inside Mr. Robinson’s van.

March 18

Detectives arrest Mr. Robinson at his home and impound his van – both men charged with causing grievous bodily harm to the twins and remanded in custody.

April 13

The twins’ decomposing bodies, with evidence of death by multiple blunt force trauma, are found on a ledge 78 feet below Abbott’s Cliff – insect colonies show death occurred between March 13-15.

A forensic pathologist later finds evidence of a rapid death within minutes or up to an hour after the injuries – the defendants are charged with murder.