Love match: Reggae singer Collie Buddz and his fiancee Zarah DeSilva, daughter of PLP MP Zane DeSilva. *File photos
Love match: Reggae singer Collie Buddz and his fiancee Zarah DeSilva, daughter of PLP MP Zane DeSilva. *File photos
Collie Buddz' latest fishing trip saw him make the biggest catch of his life: a fiancee.

The international musician flew home to Bermuda from Dubai with only one mission on his mind. It was just a quick break from his world tour but he was determined to ask girlfriend Zarah DeSilva to be his wife.

Collie had been planning the proposal for a couple of months and had let Zarah's family in on the secret.

The day before he proposed even asked Zarah's dad - PLP MP and businessman Zane DeSilva - to help choose her engagement ring.

The proposal didn't quite go as planned as he wanted to hide the ring in a caught fish, but no fish took his bait.

However, he won over a very surprised Zarah 'hook, line and sinker.'

Zarah, who has been dating Collie for about a year, said: "I'm just so happy and excited, I can't wait."

Zarah, who is executive secretary at Island Construction; the company owned by her parents, told the Bermuda Sun about the proposal she "just wasn't expecting."

The couple rented a boat and went fishing on April 5 - the "usual thing they do on a Sunday" when Collie is home.

Zarah - who is today celebrating her 25th birthday - said: "He said let's go out on the boat if it's nice on Sunday, I didn't think anything of it.

"The weather was really bad on Saturday so I didn't think we'd be able to go but it cleared up."

Little did Zarah know that the day before Collie had been to Crissons to buy the engagement ring with his best friend Matthew Hayward and Zarah's dad Mr. DeSilva.

Zarah said: "He (Collie) had been planning it since about February but managed to keep it a complete surprise."

"I had no clue what he was up to. Everyone knew apart from me!"

Collie wanted to hide the engagement ring inside a fish then say to Zarah 'oh my god baby, look what I've found in the fish.'

Collie set to work with his fishing rod as he received secret text messages from Zarah's mom Joanne asking: "Have you done it yet?'

'I really love you'

But his best intentions didn't go to plan as he failed to catch any fish!

Fed up with waiting for fish to take his bait, a determined Collie just blurted out his wedding proposal.

Collie said to Zarah: 'I really love you' and she replied: "I love you too."

He then said: 'I have a question,' Zarah coolly replied: "What's up babe?" and he said the all-important 'Will you marry me?'

Zarah was so shocked at Collie's proposal that before she had chance to say yes, she asked: "What did my dad say?"

Zarah was determined that Collie should first ask her father for her hand in marriage - and that's just what Collie had done.

The couple then hugged and Zarah shouted: "Yes, yes, the answer's yes!" Zarah then said she called her mom and "screamed and yelled" down the phone.

She said: "The ring may not have been inside a fish, but it ended up being just as fantastic. We were in the middle of the ocean.

"I will never forget the day I got engaged."

That evening both families got together to celebrate with a meal at Zarah's parents' house.

The couple, who live together in Southampton, plan to hold an "intimate" engagement party next month. Collie, 27, is currently touring the west coast of America but is expected to be in Bermuda for about three weeks in May.

He told us by e-mail yesterday that he and Zarah were very happy and asked us, on his behalf, to wish her a happy birthday in our story.

Talking about the engagement ring, Zarah said the three guys had done a "great job" picking out a solitaire ring with two diamonds.

"It's beautiful, really beautiful. I didn't want anything big or flashy. It's really, really perfect for me," she said. "I'd also like to really, really thank my dad for the part he played!"

Zarah said her family, including her younger brother Zane, 21, "love Collie to death."

She said: "My family have so much love and respect for him."

Zarah said she and Collie now "had a lot to do" as they want the wedding to take place next May.

The couple have yet to decide on a venue but Zarah has her heart set on an outside wedding.

She said: "It will definitely be in Bermuda and it will definitely be big!"