A woman with a long criminal history is back in jail for breaching her probation and three burglary offences.

Marisa Glynn Ratteray, 45, was on Monday sentenced to 18 months in prison for breaching her probation in respect of earlier crimes.

Yesterday, the homeless woman pleaded guilty to charges that had been set for trial when Senior Crown Counsel Robert Welling told the court that his intention was to seek sentences concurrent to the one for the probation violation.

Ms Ratteray admitted burgling a Mount Hill, Pembroke apartment on Mar. 14 with intent to steal, burgling a Brunswick Street, Pembroke home on Apr. 24 with intent to steal and attempting unlawfully to enter a house on Cemetery Lane, Pembroke while damaging part of the building.

Mr. Welling told magistrate, the Wor. Khamisi Tokunbo that, in the first case, the defendant pulled the air-conditioning unit from the apartment wall, waking up the occupier.

He found her in the children's room and she fled through an open window and past a neighbour who recognised her.

In the second case, Ms Ratteray distracted the homeowner by knocking at his front door and then forcing her way in through a bathroom window while he was at the door.

He detained her briefly in the living room before she escaped, leaving behind a prescription in her name.

In the last incident, a landlord reportedly caught Ms Ratteray smashing the glass in an apartment window with a metal pipe.

She dropped the pipe and a pair of her sunglasses and ran off, but a woman with her implicated her in the crime.

"It was her idea," Ms Ratteray exclaimed, naming the other woman. "I shouldn't have listened to her dumb advice."

Mr. Tokunbo imposed 12-month terms in each case all to run together with the 18 months.