Devoted parents: La’Naiye’s mother is 23-year-old Lenah Simmons. Two months ago Miss Simmons and Mr. Robinson moved into their own apartment.
Devoted parents: La’Naiye’s mother is 23-year-old Lenah Simmons. Two months ago Miss Simmons and Mr. Robinson moved into their own apartment.
Drive-by shooting victim Kenwandee Robinson was a doting father who was turning his life around for the good of his son, his family said yesterday.

Mr. Robinson was shot dead as he sat with a group of friends in St. Monica's Road - home of the notorious 42nd Street gang. In two days of

violence, four other people were shot and injured.

As more details began to emerge yesterday, Mr. Robinson's family said they do not believe he was the main target of the gunmen.

They admitted he spent most of his time among "the brotherhood" of St. Monica's Road, but do not believe he was a part of a gang feud.

They insist his life revolved around his son, La'Naiye, who is three next month.

Mr. Robinson was killed on Friday, less than an hour before he was due to pick up La'Naiye from nursery school. "Kenwandee's world was his son," said Wendy Simmons-Baker, La'Naiye's grandmother. "He took him to school every day, and was there to meet him every afternoon. From what we understand, on Friday his son was stood at the door of the school with his lunchbox waiting for his daddy.

"But his daddy never came. La'Naiye knows something has happened, but he can't comprehend what it is. He knows his daddy is in the sky; he looks up at the stars and says 'goodnight daddy'. He sleeps in one of his daddy's shirts. These people who did this - with their thoughtless actions - they don't know whose lives they have ruined."

La'Naiye's mother is Lenah Simmons, 23. For years the couple and their son lived with Mrs. Simmons-Baker at her home in Mount Hill, Pembroke. Two months ago Mr. Robinson, Ms Simmons and La'Naiye moved into their own apartment in Paget. Mrs. Simmons-Baker said: "They had talked about getting married. They had their problems, but love conquers all. They were very much in love. Lenah hasn't even grasped the fact that Kenwandee has perished. She can't deal with it. They had just moved into their own place - they had taken that giant step into the real world. They were so excited. She kept bringing home pictures for him to put up."

On Friday, at 2.45pm, two men on a motorbike rode down St. Monica's Road and opened fire on a group of men. According to reports, Mr. Robinson, best known as 'Wheels', died in the arms of one of his best friends, Mikey Adams. Mr. Adams was also shot and remains in hospital with serious injuries. The next day, at around 9am, a gunman shot a further three people on Court Street. Police have said that the shootings appear to be linked to a feud between the 42nd Street and Middletown gangs.

According to friends and family, Mr. Robinson spent time in jail last year for assaulting a police officer. Earlier this year he had a warehouse job but at the time of his death he did not have regular employment and worked odd jobs.

Mrs. Simmons-Baker

believes Mr. Robinson had no part in previous gang

violence. She said: "He was a good boy. Everyone who met him could see that. Perhaps he was different in his younger years, but over the past six years I have seen him grow.

"He changed so much since he had his son. He was living for his son and would have stayed out of trouble for him."

Close family friend Alena Hall, of Happy Valley, said Mr. Robinson was born and grew up in the 42nd Street area but was not mixed up in gang violence. She said: "Those were his friends. He would pass time with them. People call it the 42nd Street Gang but it's more of a brotherhood. That's what he was doing when he was killed, just passing time with friends. Just because a group of people hang out together does not make them hoodlums."