In jail for a separate crime, man handed 2nd sentence

A drug case almost a year old resulted in a 30-day sentence for a homeless man who's already in jail for another offence.

Cannoth William Roberts, 30, pleaded guilty in Magistrates' Court yesterday to possessing a straw, a razor blade and a homemade pipe on Dec. 28 last year when they were fit and intended for using the controlled cocaine.

Senior Crown Counsel Carrington Mahoney told the court that a police officer saw Mr. Roberts ride by on a pedal cycle, before the officer stopped him.

He noted that the defendant was nervous and fidgeting with his trouser pocket. When the officer searched him, he found the items in his pocket.

Tossing stash in bushes doesn't work for defendant

A prison inmate was given extra jail time for resisting a drug search.

But, Kevin Sinclair Davis, 45, won't have to spend any extra time in Westgate because the sentence is concurrent.

Yesterday he admitted intentionally obstructing Constable Joel Braithwaite on Nov. 6 when the officer detained him for a drug search.

He was to begin serving a sentence for a previous conviction of unlawful deprivation of liberty.

When the officers approached him after seeing him on the street, his hand was clenched and, when he was told that he would be searched for drugs, he hurriedly raised his hand and threw an object into some nearby bushes.

Senior Magistrate, the Wor. Archibald Warner imposed 30 days on Mr. Davis.

Thief stole cash from Front Street shop

A Pembroke man was acquitted of breaking and entering on a legal technicality but convicted of stealing - and jailed for three months.

Sinclair Lewis Fox, 57, of the Salvation Army hostel at Marsh Lane pleaded guilty on Wednesday in Magistrates' Court to breaking and entering the Carol Holding's shop on Front Street in January and stealing $310 in cash from the till.

Crown Counsel Kae Thomas told the court that the owners found the front window smashed as well as damage to merchandise and money missing.

A fingerprint led to Mr. Fox's arrest, although he denied the crime to police.

He explained he'd seen "six young people skylarking and fighting by the window and one of them must have struck the window."

He said that he returned that night and crawled in through a four-square-foot hole in the window to steal the cash.

Mr. Tokunbo amended the charge to one of stealing and sentenced Mr. Fox to the time he'd spent on remand awaiting trial.

The charge was laid under the old law and has since been superseded by a simpler offence called burglary.

Two drink-drivers plead guilty; one not guilty

Two men were taken off the road in Magistrates' Court yesterday for impaired driving and a third goes on trial next year.

Curtis McInnis, 25, of Lightbourne Lane, Smith's, pleaded guilty to driving a car while his ability to drive was impaired by the drink on Oct. 2.

Senior Crown Counsel Carrington Mahoney told the court that Mr. McInnis crashed the vehicle, crossing the road and slamming into a wall.

In a separate charge, Jamie Ogun Ford, 26, of Tribe Road 5, Paget admitted to the same offence, when he drove a car along South Road, Paget on Oct. 6.

The prosecutor said that police had two prior contacts that evening with a clearly inebriated Mr. Ford before seeing him swerving the car back and forth on the road.

Senior Magistrate, the Wor. Archibald Warner fined each man $1,000 in addition to the yearlong ban.

In the third case, Ellington Wentworth Bell, 63, of Granaway Heights, Southampton, pleaded not guilty to impaired driving of a motorcycle on South Road, Warwick on Oct. 30, failing to comply with a police demand for breath samples, as well as assaulting Constable Donna Millington doing her bodily harm.

The magistrate put his case for trial on Feb. 20 and set his bail at $2,000.