MONDAY, MAY 21: A man who stole mirrors and a muffler guard off a bike was given a fine and ordered to pay compensation.

Troy Woods, 39, pleaded guilty to stealing the parts off the motorcycle of Kieran Smith on May 3 in Devonshire.

The court heard Mr Smith had left this bike parked at his home in Devon Springs on January 3.

When he came home that day, he noticed something was off with the bike.

Mr Smith decided to check his CCTV and on the footage saw Woods approach his cycle and remove both mirrors.

Woods returned later that day and took the guard off the muffler.

The total damage was $105.

Police attended the scene and took the CCTV footage.

Woods was arrested at 6:50pm that day.

The court heard the two men have known each other since 2008.

Addressing the court, Woods said: “I worked for the guy and I took the mirrors because he owed me change but I’m guilty.”

Senior Magistrate Archibald Warner ordered him to pay compensation to Mr Smith and pay the courts a $500 fine immediately.