Closing: The 64 Degrees restaurant at Port Royal. *Photo supplied
Closing: The 64 Degrees restaurant at Port Royal. *Photo supplied

FRIDAY, MARCH 16: The 64 Degrees restaurant in Southampton will close it doors for the last time today.

The bar and grill, located at the Port Royal Golf Club, will shut permanently after the lunch service. The sudden news has left brides, who had booked their wedding at the luxurious eatery, scrambling to find a new venue.

Port Royal Golf Club bosses said they were ‘disappointed’ the restaurant was closing.

The future of the 10 kitchen and restaurant staff that worked at 64 Degrees remains uncertain, although the Bermuda Sun understands some will lose their jobs.

Bride-to-be Sandra Garcia was due to get married at 64 Degrees on May 26 in front of more than 100 guests.

She told us she had received a phone call a few days ago saying the restaurant was closing down.

She added: “I am so stressed at the moment I do not know what to do.

“I am supposed to be getting married in 11 weeks but I have no venue and do not know where to start.

“All of my invitations are out and the acceptances are in. I have 100 guests coming into the island for the wedding and no venue.

“All I got is a phone call and that is very disappointing. I would not wish what I am going through at the moment upon any bride. It is very hard to know what to do. I am trying to find a new venue.”

The Bermuda Sun understands that wedding party deposits are likely to be refunded.

However, some brides who have arranged for their wedding to take place at the restaurant later this year have still not been told about the closure of the establishment.

Andrew Brooks, director of golf at Port Royal, told the Bermuda Sun: “It is disappointing that they have decided to close their doors.

“It is not a reflection on business at the club.

“Port Royal will make every effort to get the facility back on track as quickly as possible with a view to making it grow again.


“The restaurant facility itself is not going anywhere and we still believe it is great addition to the club.

“We are still going to provide a limited level of service for the golfers who play the course.

“We will provide drinks and snacks within the clubhouse.

“We will be servicing the visiting golfers to what is expected from a high end facility such as Port Royal, the transition will be seamless and we are making it our policy to cater for the golfers”.

Last night we tried to contact the owner of 64°, Andrea Dismont, but we were not able to reach her. We also left messages with Ms Dismont’s husband Chris Trott.