Killed: Karen Hudson-Lewis. *Photo supplied
Killed: Karen Hudson-Lewis. *Photo supplied

WEDNESDAY, JAN. 4: A caretaker has told police that two gunmen murdered a Bermudian businesswoman and her driver in Jamaica.

The man, who is still being questioned by detectives in connection with the shooting, has stated that Karen Hudson-Lewis and her driver, Everton Daley, were gunned down inside Ms Hudson-Lewis’ home in the Mandeville area.

Ms Hudson-Lewis, 45, and Mr Daley were shot dead on Friday night.

Speaking exclusively to the Bermuda Sun, the officer leading the murder probe, Deputy Superintendent Berrisford Brown, said officers were still trying to determine a motive for the double murder.

He confirmed that no one had yet been charged with murder. Dep Supt Brown said: “Only one arrest has been made in connection with this double murder and that is the caretaker of the house.

“He remains in custody and is being questioned by police. He is being treated as a person of interest because he is the only survivor of this incident.

“He has not been charged with anything.

“We have felt it best in the circumstances to keep him in custody for further questioning.

“He has told us that two gunmen brought the driver in from outside while he and Karen were in the house.

“The gunmen then held all three hostage in the house before shooting Karen and the driver.

“We are not discounting any of the information we have been given so far.

“We are trying to do our best to bring the investigation to a close. We have to approach it with an open mind and see where the investigation takes us from there.”

The caretaker is understood to have looked after Ms Hudson-Lewis’s home while she was in Bermuda.

Police descended on her home in Perthland Drive at just before 9pm on Friday.

She had just arrived in Jamaica from London and had been picked up at the airport by her driver, Everton Daley.

Police did not disclose how many times Ms Hudson-Lewis and Mr Daley were shot during the attack.

But both were pronounced dead when they arrived at hospital.

Officers scoured the surrounding area and discovered a 9mm Glock pistol 45 yards down the road which, they believe, could have been used in the shooting.

Dep Supt Brown added: “We are still trying to determine a motive for this attack.

“Up to now we have not come up with a definitive motive for the killing.

“This is really a crime that would shock any community.

“We are preparing for the post mortem to take place tomorrow [Wednesday] which will help us know more.

“And we are also doing some harder investigation work at the scene.

“We hope that once the post mortem has been completed we can facilitate the return of this lady’s body to Bermuda for her family.”