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11.50am: We will post the full speech shortly and the various ministers will be giving press conferences over the next few days, starting this afternoon, to put some meat on the bones of the initiatives outlined today.
The establishment of a Gang Task Force, an Intervention initiative for 'at risk' youth',  the introduction of an Equal Pay Act, the extension of Tax Protection for International Business and a full review of the Civil Service were among the highlights.

11.42am:  "Government must reflect global economic conditions'. Commitment, now, to be leaner and more efficient - with policy dictated by 'needs rather than wants'.
We have to 'live within our means' says the Governor, reading Ms Cox's speech.
The speech concludes with a commitment to "Strive for harmony in discourse and not disagree for the sake of disagreement. That which divides us cannot be allowed to trump that which unites us."

11.38am: An Equal Pay Act will be introduced - no details given.
Immigration and Protections Act 1956 will be overhauled - again no real details given.

11.35am: 'We must do everything in our power to protect our lead in this area (international business)". Government will extend Tax Protection Regime to 2035.
On the domestic front the EEZ in North East Hamilton wil be expanded to include transition areas on the peripherary.
New EEZs will be established in Sandys and St George's.

11.30am:   Master Principals to be appointed to oversee the implementation of the Cambridge Curriculum. 
New war memorial on the cabinet lawn.
A full update to the 1999 review of the Civil Service will be reviewed.
Commitment to make more affordable health insurance options available to the public. Health module to be introduced in senior schools to get more Bermudians employed in healthcare.

11.20am: Government is developing a 'national plan' - streamlining technology and promoting merit based civil service among a number of issues - says the Governor, reading Ms Cox's speech.
Today's Throne Speech won't be like previous ones, he says, highlighting 'context and culture' as the themes of the speech.
He says it is a 'post-recessionary' climate and a new 'culture' of Government under Paula Cox and it won't be 'business as usual'.
He repeats the commitment to cut $150million in public spending. Highlights the new procurement office as a step towards this.

11.10am: The politiicians have just arrived in the 'chamber' as the gazebo is being referred to. Governor Sir Richard Gozney, in his traditional hat and feathers, leads them in. Speaker Stanley Lowe is next with the Premier Paula Cox, in a blue gown and hat,just behind with leader of the opposition Kim Swan, in top hat and tails, following. The rest of the Cabinet follows, with the MPs behind them.

11.01am: The Regiment soldiers and band are still lined up like statues on Front Street in their traditional garb.
No-one has fainted yet - a less formal Throne Speech day tradition!
We're expecting the Governor any minute now - he's inside Cabinet building right now and will lead Premier Cox and her Cabinet into the gazebo before reading the Throne Speech - Ms Cox's agenda for the coming year.

10.55am: The Governor, in accordance with tradition, has 'dispatched BlacK Rod' - the Regiment attache in these proceedings (if anyone has a better description - please supply!) - to ask the Speaker to summon the Premier and her Cabinet.

10.45am: The Regiment is lined up on Front Street and the traditional 15-gun salute has just concluded. Invited guests and dignitaries are assembled under a large gazebo on the Cabinet lawn. Inside the grounds schoolchildren are assembled to watch the proceedings. The streets outside are lined with tourists and onlookers watching from afar.
The Governor has just arrived in a horse drawn carriage, with a police escort. He's inspecting the Regiment and the national anthem has just commenced.