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DJ Imega will provide a set at the Cup Match Fever on August 1.
* Photo Supplied DJ Imega will provide a set at the Cup Match Fever on August 1.
Jason Darrell, better known as Dj iMEGA, has made a huge name for himself as being one of the top-rated DJs on the island. He grew up listening to reggae music and quickly learned about “sound clashes” just like every dancehall reggae fan in the 90s. From then, he knew he had a passion for being a dj. Having saved lunch money every day, Jason was able to purchase records at Dub City. He grew an “obsession” for selecting music. In 2003 he headed of the island pursue a career in golf, a sport he played since he was 11 years old. But the love for music never left. Under the sound name Dynasty, practicing the art of mixing would pay of as the sound quickly made a name for themselves by being a regular at Club Malabar on Tuesday nights like most popular DJs. In 2006 “DJ iMEGA” was formed and from there he has played at both local and overseas events alongside the best sounds and dj’s from around the world. DJ iMEGA will be featured in this year’s Cup Match Fever party at the Prison Officers Parking Lot. See lead Scene story for event details. Interview by Sarah Lagan.

Your earliest memory?

A trip to Florida with my mom and dad. I must have been about three years old.

What were you like in school?

Quiet and shy. Most people I went to school with still are in shock I became a DJ. Most dDJs are the opposite.

If you were given a million dollars tomorrow what would you do with it?

Save it for my two daughters’ college education. Anything left over — daddys buying a boat and going on vacation to Vegas!

Who is your hero/heroine?
My mom. She’s done an outstanding job raising me, putting me through school and keeping me on the right track.

Human trait you value most in others?

Loyalty. Not many loyal people out there anymore. Chirs Brown thinks the same....

Which cartoon character would you be?

Superman... I’ve always wanted to fly.

Do you believe in fate?
Most definitely. If you believe, anything is possible.

Your greatest fear?
Failing as a father.

Most embarrassing moment?
During my short spell as a footballer I had a game and coach told me warm up as I was going on. Well, being so eager to get out there I didn’t fully warm up or stretch properly and about 10 minutes into me being on the field I got cramp... long story short — the sub had to be subbed.

Your ultimate ambition?
Just to be successful in life whether it be with music or outside music.

Your most unappealing habit?
Being a procrastinator. Just get her done!

Describe yourself in three words...
Understanding. Unique. Outgoing.

Which human trait do you dislike the most?

Being judgemental.

Best party you’ve ever been to?
About two years ago I went on a cruise the night before Cup Match. I talked about five or six of my boys into going and when we got there they were giving me “screwface” looks (didn’t look like it would be a good night). By the end of the night I was being told “Same time, same place next year”.

Anyone you’d like to say ‘sorry’ to?
Yeah. Already done it

Worst job you’ve ever done?

None really. I’ve always loved what I do and have done in life. I never signed up for anything that I knew I wouldn’t like.

Biggest regret?
Coming home after college to work so soon. There’s a whole world out there to explore which is why I encourage young people to get off the island. Just because you were born here doesn’t mean you must remain here forever.

Closest you’ve ever come to death?
Two months into my five- year-long work experience in HVAC I was crawling through a ceiling space to get out and I didn’t realize the contractors were working on the man hole that was used to get out. I put my hand on the edge and it gave way and I went face first out the ceiling. My reflexes made me grab a ceiling rafter and I was about 20ft in the air hanging on for dear life. A co-worker brought over a ladder (laughing of course) and I got down.

Your desert island song?
No Hands by Wacka Flocka. It makes me think of... just listen you’ll understand.

What animal would you be and why?
A Lion. Strong and fierce.

What do you do if you can’t sleep?
Listen to music. Most of the time my mind is on overload if I can’t sleep so music will calm me down.

If you had a time machine, where would you go?

December 2003. I left for college and little did I know I’d have the best time of my life.

Your most memorable dream?
Just the other night I had a dream I was on vacation and as I’m brushing my teeth they begin to fall out... one by one. Will never forget that because it felt so real I woke up in a panic.

Most unpleasant exchange you’ve have had with a person?
I’ve never really had one that I can recall. Always been a easy going guy.

Best advice you have ever taken?
Do what makes you happy regardless of what people will have to say. They’ll talk about you anyway whether you’re doing something good or bad in life.

Nicest thing anyone has ever said to you?
Being told by someone that I am their favourite DJ — always sweets me.

Define romantic love.
When your lover is also your best friend.

What’s your best joke?
I’m not really a joke-teller. If its suitable I’ll say something of the top of my head that suits the situation just to be funny.

Most treasured possession?
Having life. I try not to take it for granted.

A dream location for a home?
Somewhere in my favourite city... Atlanta.

What keeps you up at night?

Stressing over any kind of situation I may be going through.

Guilty pleasure?
LOL next question....

Favourite film?
To be honest I’m not really a movie person. I’m more into music and the Internet.

Your proudest achievement?
In life, it would definitely be graduating college with a degree. Musically I got the chance to DJ at a party in March in NYC and again in June at two different parties.

Most important lesson life has taught you?
Get to know someone; they might turn out to be the best thing you’ve had or the worst thing you can’t get rid of.

What would you most like to be remembered for?
Being one of Bermuda’s top DJs.