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Friendly: Does your gym staff treat you well?
*Photo supplied Friendly: Does your gym staff treat you well?

Gyms are now booming in Bermuda, from CrossFit boxes and corporate gyms to large fitness centres and private personal training studios.

It’s great for the exercise enthusiast who now has more choice than ever.

Every health club typically attracts a certain clientele, whether you’re a busy mum, hardcore endorphin junkie or a complete beginner, there is a gym that suits you.

I’ve been working in gyms for over a decade and one of the most important factors lacking in the fitness industry is the customer care offered by some clubs.

Throughout my career, I’ve heard from many health club members that they simply feel their club doesn’t really care about them or their progress.

This is a real shame considering that we join these clubs in order to be fitter, healthier and happier.

We don’t want to feel neglected, ignored and just another number. So how can you recognise if your club really does care about you?

Here are ten key points to help you realise if you’re spending your hard earned cash at the right establishment.

  • You walk past the front desk without a greeting or “hello”.
  • If you’re not in the front row of a group class you feel ignored.
  • Your workout experience is inconsistent.
  • You feel the club overpromised when you signed up.
  • The instructors have under delivered.
  • You rarely get asked if you’re achieving your fitness goals.
  • You didn’t receive an induction on how to use the equipment.
  • You haven’t beendesigned an exercise programme.
  • You feel uncomfortable asking the staff for help or guidance.
  • The only communication you receive from the club is negative rather than motivating and informative.

If you find that your club ticks any of these boxes then maybe you need to think about joining somewhere else.

After all, the average attrition rate at health clubs is about 30 per cent and this is even higher at other gyms.

If you can’t relate to any of these common problems then you’re at the right place.

Don’t feel like you always need to be a member of a gym though.

We can exercise outside or even at home.

Bodyweight training is a very effective way to stay in shape and includes running, push-ups, squats, lunges, burpees and many Swiss Ball exercises.

I regularly train clients with just a Swiss ball and a dowel rod!

The next time you walk into your gym, ask yourself the ten questions above and think about how you feel when you walk out the door.

Everyone should feel like they’ve had a five star experience when they’re a member of a gym.

After all, that’s what you pay for. If you’re considering exercising at home or outdoors then check out my brand new online programme at www.BodyweightBasics.Info.

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