Tiarra Simmons admitted assaulting three security guards outside Snorkel Park. *File photo
Tiarra Simmons admitted assaulting three security guards outside Snorkel Park. *File photo

A 24-year-old woman was today given a suspended prison sentence after she admitted sending a fake doctor’s note to Magistrates’ Court.

Tiarra Simmons was due to be in court on January 13 to answer assault charges.

Crown counsel Garrett Byrne told the court she didn’t appear and a warrant was issued.

Later that morning her father turned up to the court and handed over a doctor’s note to explain her absence. The clerk put the note in her fie.

But later that day, a police Sergeant looked at the note and asked for it to be verified.

Mr Byrne said a call was put in to the doctor’s office and it was confirmed that the doctor had not signed the certificate.

Simmons admitted attempting to pervert the course of justice on January 13.

As for the assault charges, Simmons admitted assaulting three security officers on July 8 outside of Snorkel Park.

The court heard she arrived at the Dockyard party spot at 1:10am and tried to get a VIP pass for an event that was being held.

She was told she couldn't get the pass and was asked to leave the ticket booth.

Simmons refused to leave and security got involved.

She was again asked to leave and didn’t.

She told the officer to “f**k off”, so he escorted her to the front gate of the park.

Simmons then swung her hand at the officer, prompting two other officers to assist him.

The defendant then punched both of them in their faces.

She was arrested when police came to the scene.

Simmons’ lawyer, Kym White, told the court she plans to go to Seneca College in Toronto to further her education.

She said: “This was the first time she had ever been arrested and sent to a police station and charged with assault.

“She made a bad decision. She couldn’t face the court.”

Police media officer, Dwayne Caines, stood as a character witness for Simmons and said: “This is not a reflection of who she is. If given another opportunity, I’m sure she can make us proud.

“I think she made a bad choice on that night and has paid the price dearly.”

Senior Magistrate Archibald Warner sentenced Simmons to a three-month prison sentence suspended for 24 months and a $300 fine for each assault charge.