NO. 493



TAKE NOTICE of a Special Session of The Liquor Licensing Authority for the Central District on the 16th day of July, 2009 at 9:15 a.m. at Hamilton Magistrates' Court No. 1, to hear the application of Trustees of the National Sports Centre for the grant of a Restaurant Licence in respect of National Sports Centre located at 50 Frog Lane, Devonshire DV 01.

The Manager of the Business is Clifford Beresford Oliver Wade.

Any person ordinarily resident in the Parish or any owner or occupier of any property lying within three hundred yards of the premises in respect of which this application is made may object to the grant of the license provided written notice containing, in general terms, the grounds of the objection is served on The Chairman of The Liquor Licensing Authority, The Commissioner of Police and The Applicant not less than three days before the hearing.

Wor. Khamisi Tokunbo

Acting Chairman

Liquor Licensing Authority

NO. 494



Pursuant to the provisions of The Marriage Act 1944 and the Jewish Marriage Act, 1946, His Excellency the Governor, on the 17th day of June 2009, licenced Rabbi Bradley Nelson Bleefeld, a Minister of Religion of The Jewish Faith residing at 151 Green Valley Cr, Dresher, PA 19025, USA, as a Jewish Marriage Officer, thereby enabling her to perform a marriage ceremony in Bermuda on the 3rd day of July 2009 only.

Mr Mark Capes, JP

Deputy Governor

NO. 495




Mr. Randolph Rochester, Director, Department of Transport Control, has been appointed to act as Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Health for the period 22nd June to 26th June 2009 inclusive.

Kenneth S. Dill

Head of the Civil Service

NO. 496



From Date: 6/12/2009 To Date: 6/19/2009

Summary of Application Details

• The applications shown below are available for review during normal working hours at the Department of Planning, 3rd Floor, Government Administration Building, 30 Parliament Street, Hamilton.

• Any person wishing to object must do so within 14 days of the date of this publication (July 8, 2009).

• Letters of objection should state any interest which the objector(s) may have in property nearby, supply an address at which notice may be served on the objector(s) and provide a concise statement of the grounds of objection.

• For further information on the objection procedure see the Development and Planning (Applications Procedure) Rules 1997.

Application Application #

City of Hamilton

Lopes, Mr. Gilbert P0329/09

7 Park Road, City of Hamilton

Proposed 52 Condominium Units, 2 Levels Commercial, 2 Levels Below Grade Parking.


Clay, Ms. Bianca P0332/09

17 Church Street, City of Hamilton

In Principle Application - New Public Plaza

For South Lawn Of City Hall. Existing

Asphalt Driveway To Be Replaced With

Pedestrian Only Urban Outdoor Space.

(In Principle)

First Church of Christ, Scientist P0341/09

33 Cedar Avenue, City of Hamilton

New Three (3) Storey Building with

Underground Basement. Ground Floor To

House Assembly of Christian Science Reading

Room. Two (2) Upper Floors Office Space

Basement Floor Data Storage Room.



Burgess, Mr. Vernon E. P0328/09

13 Winton Hill Lane, Hamilton

Internal Alterations To Create Third (3rd)

Dwelling Unit. (Final)

Palmetto Gardens Limited P0340/09

1 Harrington Sound Road, Hamilton

Erection of 16'-0" x 10'-0" Pergola on existing

Northeast Patio. (Final)

Jones, Ms. Blanche P0342/09

13 Abbot's Cliff Drive, Hamilton

Change Sliding Door to Double Window and

Install New Pergola (Retroactive). (Final)


McGrath, Mrs. Dora Spring P0330/09

42 Tanglewood Road, Paget

Internal Conversion To Add A Third (3rd)

Dwelling Unit. (Final)

Richold, Jean P0334/09

4 Cedars Drive, Paget

Swimming Pool and Existing Garage To

Become Pool Room. (Final)


Spanish Point Boat Club P0269/09

1 Spanish Point Road, Pembroke

160 Slip Marina and approx. 4950 sq. feet of

Land Reclamation with a Concrete Sea Wall

approx. 10 ft. above the Mean High Water Mark

Please note that those objections filed in

response the previous advertisement of this

application remain valid and there is no need

to file a new objection unless there are new

issues to be outlined.

(In Principle)

Richardson, Mr. John P0336/09

30 Mount View Road, Pembroke

Retroactive Approval for BELCO Trenching,

New BELCO Meter, Pump Room/Mechanical

Room Addition. (Final)

Richardson, Mr. John P0337/09

26 Mount View Road, Pembroke

Erection of Visual Screening Trellis Fence

(4 ft.) On Top of Boundary Wall. (Final)

Pemberton, Mr. Vernon P0338/09

9 Orchard Lane, Pembroke

Proposed Third (3rd) Dwelling Unit.


The Hallelujah Trust P0339/09

8 Deepdale Road East, Pembroke

Demolition of Existing Three (3) Storey

Structure and Construction of New Two (2)

Storey Dwelling Unit (2-3 Bedroom Units).



Allison, Mr. Clifford P0327/09

4 Honeysuckle Lane, Sandys

"Detached House Development" - Extension To Existing Single Storey Dwelling Unit To add A

Second Dwelling Unit above the Extended

Ground Floor Unit. (Final)

Ana Trust P0333/09

9 Mangrove Bay Road, Sandys

Two Patio Additions with Storage / Garage

Space Below & Boundary Fence.



Bean, Mrs. Annis P0335/09

1 Riviera Crescent, Southampton

Laundry Room Addition. (Final)

Brown, Mr./Mrs. C. P0343/09

9 Tribe Road No 3, Southampton

Addition and Renovations including Two (2)

New Bedrooms, Laundry Room and

Renovations To Existing House. (Final)


Lauder, Mr. Raymond P0326/09

4 Kings Lane South, Warwick

Proposed Change of Use From Tourist into

Residential - Total of 3 Dwelling Units.


Wilson, Ms. Bernadette P0331/09

1 Pearman's Hill West, Warwick

Retroactive Application - Replaced Reinforced Masonry Retaining Wall.(Maximum 8ft high )


BR 41/2009


2006 : 1


The Minister responsible for Justice, in exercise of the powers conferred by section 1 of the Police and Criminal Evidence Act 2006, issues the following Notice:

Short title

1 This Notice may be cited as the Police and Criminal Evidence Act 2006 Commencement Day (No. 2) Notice 2009.


2 Schedule 4 of the Police and Criminal Evidence Act 2006 shall come into force to the extent of the repeal of section 32A of the Police Act 1974 on 24 June 2009.

Made this 22nd day of June, 2009

Attorney-General and Minister of Justice