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The majority of residents say they can’t live without the Internet.

The Regulatory Authority released the survey yesterday, which also showed that TBI had the highest amount of satisfaction by its users with Logic and Northrock second Digicel/Transact was third.

The Bermuda Broadband Market Study was conducted by Mindmaps in September from a random sample of 400 Bermuda residents. Its margin of error is +/- 4.9 per cent.

The survey showed that 54 per cent of residents said they cannot live without the Internet and an additional 31 per cent said it is important, but could go a day or two without.

Only 40 per cent of those 65 and over said the Internet is useful, but not necessary.

Surprisingly, a higher percentage of people in the 35 to 44 age group (73 per cent) and 45 to 54 age group (79 per cent) said they couldn’t live without the Internet as opposed to those in the 18 to 34 age category (57 per cent).

A total of 61 per cent of residents are spending more than $100 a month on Internet service. The survey said TBI customers (71 per cent) are more likely to spend less than $99 a month. 

The total average expenditure by provider as $96.88 for TBI, $122.01 for Logic/Northrock and $130.45 for Digicel/Transact. 

The survey also showed that having two providers for Internet service makes it more expensive (85 per cent), makes it more complicated (84 per cent) and allows companies to point the finger at the other provider when there are problems with service (78 per cent).

The quality of Internet service and good customer service (96 per cent) were the most important factors for residents when deciding on an ISP. Reliability of service (95 per cent), offers value for money (93 per cent) and good tech support (92 per cent) were also highly valued.

The least important factors were community orientated (57 per cent), is a Bermudian company (61 per cent) and the reputation of the company (68 per cent).

A total of 82 per cent of residents are satisfied with their customer service from their ISP, with TBI again scoring the highest (96 per cent). Logic/Northrock saw 88 per cent customer service satisfaction while Digicel/Transact had 50 per cent customer satisfaction. 

In every category TBI ranked the best for satisfaction from its customers while Digicel/Transact ranked last.

More than 60 per cent of residents said they would switch ISP if they could save 20 per cent on cost.

TBI customers (56 per cent) are more likely to have switched providers in the past two years. 

Logic/Northrock is Bermuda’s number one ISP with 75 per cent of the market share. Digicel/Transact was a distant second at 15 per cent.