If a week is a long time in politics as they say, then a year is surely a reasonable time to assess a new administration.

Jobs, jobs, jobs was the mantra of the OBA at the election but its legislative agility has been hamstrung by the towering national debt it inherited from the PLP.

Has the OBA done okay with the cards it was dealt? The response is mixed. 

Heidi Smith, 29, receptionist

‘They’ve done well. Change doesn’t happen overnight. Coming in, they had to make changes and corrections [after the previous government] and it’s going to take the same amount of time if not longer.’


Ernest DeCouto, 70, retired

‘The only thing I can say is that they took over a
bankrupt business and it’s going to take time to get that business back on track and profitable.’


Cha’Von Clarke, writer

‘It isn’t clear what they are doing for the working class. Things seem to be geared towards a particular group of people. Our government should have clear objectives that match the needs of the entire community.’


Michael Heslop, 51, watersports

‘They have done great. They were left with a complete disaster and they’re doing everything possible that they can do. It’s such a shame that the previous government left everything in such a mess.’


Calix Smith, 30, artist

‘It takes a lot of time to prove yourself so I’m looking at the period of four years before I make a judgement. For the first year, the best phrase I would use is not satisfied.’