How will the Bermuda Tourism Authority improve tourism on the island?

This is what the Authority is all about. 

The Authority will be focused on long-term goals of revitalizing Bermuda’s tourism product, creating new excitement in our tourism product, bringing new jobs to Tourism and implementing a strategic, focused plan. 

There will be two new divisions: tourism investment and product and experience development that will help to drive change in the way Bermuda deals with its tourism product. 

These divisions will work closely with Sales and Marketing, and all three will utilize the services of our Research and Business Intelligence unit, another new element of the BTA.

How will the Bermuda Tourism Authority help Bermuda compete in the global tourism marketplace?

We will design and execute a robust marketing plan to support our vision and position Bermuda as a world-class destination. 

We will seek to improve our tourism product, both the physical and the provision of services and allocate our resources strategically, take selected risks and move quickly to capture the opportunities afforded by growing global tourism demand. 

For every tourism initiative, a clear business case will be required to demonstrate that it adds value to tourism. 

We will empower our people to be customer focused, proactive, solution-oriented and make decisions that are in the best interest of Bermuda as a tourism destination. 

Source: Bermuda Tourism Authority