A year ago the PLP lost the election and with that, many Bermudians began to lose hope.

Very rarely have we witnessed so many Bermudians so depressed. We took a vow to do what needs to be done to restore hope to people who have all been a part of the birth and upbringing of our generation. We owe them much for setting the foundations.

More importantly we are compelled to build on that foundation to ensure a secure future for our Bermudian children.

Over the year there have been countless meetings upon meetings, to set a course for a pro- active agenda for our party.

Collectively we have increased our pro-active plans. Setting key targets for Bermudians to have not just hope, but more importantly, having them contributing to whatever steps we must make as a country. In every democracy the majority must have their say.


There were those who predicted, or should I say, hoped that the PLP would instigate strikes or riots. That would be their key to say “See ,we told you those people are violent”. I am not sure which planet they live on but such actions are never discussed.

We are far too busy constantly compiling; data, facts and figures that show how some folks are attempting to mislead Bermudians on a daily basis. Bermudians are constantly evolving as analytical  and critically thinking individuals. They cannot be taken for fools. 

Going forward, we will continue to present to the public, all sides of the equation of any given situation. And let the public see for themselves who has their best interest at heart.

For me personally, I have lost four heroes who have guided my steps along the way. Firstly Venezuelan President, and Pan Caribbean visionary Hugo Chavez, then my dear grandmother Amay Fraser, then Dr Clifford Maxwell, and finally Madiba.

I would not be who I am, and where I am today, if it was not for these individuals, two of whom, have scolded me and moulded me directly. The other two, by their words and works, have encouraged me to never give up the fight for equality, even if ,and when they call you a racist or terrorist.

For them I shed only tears of joy.

An escape

Some 21 years ago I was an unemployed college graduate, looking for work during a recession. So I know what many are currently going through. Whilst frustrated, I often took to writing as an escape.

I began this journey as a weekly columnist because the Bermuda Sun took a chance to ask me to write for them. In turn, I took a chance and tried to figure out what to write for you. You took a chance and began to read me weekly.

So you see, life is about taking a chance with complete strangers at times. Give people an opportunity to shine, and odds are they most likely will. Let us all have more optimism that together, we can seek solutions to whichever challenge we may face.

We owe it to our elders and our youths. 

Viva Bermuda! 

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