"There is no way Jesus looks like Brad Pitt." *File photo
"There is no way Jesus looks like Brad Pitt." *File photo

Welcome to another round of 6.0 minutes. My weekly dose of randomness.

Do you want to live forever?

How many people do you know will tick yes? A loaded question? A no-brainer, right?

Well, no more or less a loaded question as the proposed referendum question by the OBA.

This smacks of a government that;
A Seems increasingly desperate
B Thinks Bermudians are not smart
C Has no shame
D All of the above. 

Let the church say amen

As a child I spent most of my Sunday School years at St Paul’s AME. Every Sunday for about 10 years I was taught by strong Bermudian women and men such as; Mrs Margurite Place, Mrs Cynthia Swan, Dale Butler, Fred Ingham. After Sunday School I attended church services presided over by pastors such as Rev Parnell Mosley and Rev Larry Lowe.

Recently I have been drawn back to listening to more services at St Paul’s because of the stance and sermons of someone who embodies John the Baptist.

Rev Nicholas Tweed has brought a message of social justice, equality and a war against poverty, political prostitution and corporate greed. As they say on the streets “He don’t skin up!” Translated “He does not pull any punches!”

Like most in my 40 something generation we are seeking a way forward.

Take an hour or so to tune into 102.7 FM around noon each Sunday. It will definitely prepare you for the upcoming week.

I must admit I drifted away from St. Paul’s since from about the age of 18. I somehow could not reconcile attending an African Methodist church and be surrounded by stained glass windows that had only pictures of a blond haired Jesus and his disciples.

Call it what you may. But there is no way Jesus looks like Brad Pitt.

Hey are you___?

Even on a small island such as Bermuda, we sometimes hardly see many of the folks we attended primary and secondary school with.

At times I will be walking and say to myself “Hey is that so and so?” “Nah can’t be they look way different.” Only to find out later on it was indeed the person.

And at other times you meet a friend of your child and before they open their mouth you already know who they are, as they are the spitting image of their parent. Oftentimes I mumble to myself “wow, I used to have a crush on your mom”. 

New reality show

On any given Saturday take yourselves to a field where youth soccer tournaments are taking place.

I swear there are four times as many soccer moms than soccer dads. And boy are they vocal.

I would hate to be that coach or referee who makes a bad call against someone’s child. The wrath of God couldn’t be any worse. 

I found a way to pay off our debt. Let’s start a new reality show called ‘Bermudian Soccer Moms’. Could be worth a fortune.