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Shoppers filled both SuperMart and MarketPlace today to take advantage of the first day of the ten per cent discount.

In last month’s Throne Speech, it was announced that on Wednesdays a ten per cent discount would be offered to all shoppers at SuperMart, MarketPlace and Lindo’s on cash transactions. The initiative puts the discount at five per cent higher than previous years.

It has been met with mixed reviews by the public and the opposition as some feel lowering the price of groceries would be better than offering a ten per cent discount.

In Hamilton today, the reaction was also mixed with shoppers.

At MarketPlace on Church Street, the hot food section was buzzing with customers grabbing a lunch to go.

The main part of the store was also busy, as were the cashiers.

Karen Tucker said: “I paid with cash and I didn’t really notice the difference.

“I bought what I always buy and the ten per cent didn’t matter to me.”

One man who didn't want to be named said: “I didn’t pay much attention to the percentage before but I might pay a little bit more attention now since it’s ten per cent.”

Jeremy Waters said: “Yes, I am aware of the ten per cent discount and did it affect my purchase, not much because it’s just lunch.

“I did notice the cost because I had to pull out a different note. I noticed the cost right away.”

At SuperMart, the store was just as busy with lines at every single cashier.

A female pensioner said: “The difference wasn’t noticeable. It’s just not noticeable.

“I think some of the items are high anyways.

“You save a couple dollars and then you come out and give it to the person who’s having a tag day.”

Le-Jai Simmons noticed the discount.

“It was a little difference. I didn’t save much.

“But it will make me want to shop on Wednesdays more.”