Watson is free to use for both employers and those seeking employment.
Watson is free to use for both employers and those seeking employment.
A new website has been launched to help people find employment, and with more than 1,100 people out of work from last year, the timing couldn't be better.

WWW.Watson.bm has a searchable database whether you are looking online from your computer or via your phone.

There is no sign up necessary to view available job openings.

However, to take advantage of all of the site’s features, members of the public are able to create a free account to upload their resume to a profile only viewable to employers.

A spokesperson said: “At Watson we respect each end every member’s right to privacy. Therefore only verified employers can view these resumes. Members can upload as many resumes as they like.

“When you find a job you’d like to apply for simply click on our ‘Apply’ link and select the resume you’d like to send. Candidates can also sign up for instant real time job alerts to be sent to them when a job they are suitable for becomes available.”

For employers this site offers allows them to review potential applicants and advertise job postings.

Once a job posting has been approved — a process which takes only a few minutes — it will appear on the site for potential applicants to apply.

Every job posting will be advertised by the company’s Twitter (@WatsonBermuda) and Facebook (www.fb.com/WatsonBermuda) accounts.

Potential candidates in the same job category a company’s will receive instant alerts when an opening has been made available.

Watson.bm also has an instant resume review option allows employers to see the resume of each and every candidate available in their specific job category. These resumes are easily searchable by category or skill set. Using this feature employers can select and review available candidates within minutes of posting a vacancy. They are then able to contact the candidate through a single contact button located on their profile.