A KPMG team member dares to win on the assault course high wire. *Photo supplied
A KPMG team member dares to win on the assault course high wire. *Photo supplied

Staff from some of Bermuda’s top businesses got a taste of army life in a tough corporate challenge.

And accountancy firm KPMG came out on top today after they were put through a series of gruelling tests by expert Bermuda Regiment instructors.

Brian Flynn, 25, from Warwick, who works in KPMG’s tax department, said: “It was a great time, a great event and we had a blast.

“The instructors did well to relate everything back to us and shared what they did – we got a good scope into the Regiment.”

Teams from accountants KPMG and PwC and insurance firms AIG and Bowring Marsh took part in the Bermuda Regiment Corporate Challenge 13 event, held at Warwick Camp.

The runners-up were Bowring Marsh, with PwC in third place and AIG in fourth.

Tawana Tannock, an assistant vice-president in claims and compliance at Bowring Marsh, said: “It was awesome.

“The assault course was the best. It required physical work, stamina, teamwork and courage. – it symbolised everything today was about, really.”

She added: “Just listening to our coach, a Sergeant Major, who told us about life in the Regiment, the opportunities to travel, learn discipline, was fascinating.

“The direction and feedback would be invaluable for anyone looking to improve not just physically, but mentally as well.”

Anthony Fellowes, 32, from Pembroke, who works in IT with PwC, said: “This was my first time doing this. It was awesome. Everyone on our team got through the obstacle course without penalties, which was great.”

Adam Farrell, 36, an underwriter with AIG from Paget, added: “There were certainly some fears conquered – fear of heights particularly. They made it fun – there was a good variety of stuff going on and keeping us all thinking. The teamwork was good as well.”

Events included a race round the Regiment assault course, a mini-obstacle course, and a crossfit challenge..

Regiment Commanding Officer Lt Col Michael Foster-Brown, who presented the medals to the winners, said: “It’s all about spreading the word about what the Regiment is like.

“It shows the benefits employers gain from the Regiment service of their employees, like teamwork and self-confidence as well as planning. It helps to demystify the Regiment.”

Col Foster-Brown added: “This is an annual event and we have capacity to take more teams, so if any other companies want to join in, they’re very welcome.”

Training officer Major Martin Wyer, who ran the event, said: “We don’t hide what we do at Warwick Camp and we’re delighted when companies come to see how we operate. They love it when they come and get very competitive.

“The teams had a senior member of staff with them who debriefed them after every event on how they could have done better and what they learned, so hopefully it was a learning experience as well.”

A Regiment career offers recruits opportunities to travel, acquire skills useful in civilian life, test themselves to their limits and competitive rates of pay, as well as a $300 bounty for new volunteers. For more information, call 238-1045 or visit www.bermudaregiment.bm .