Effective March 21st 2014, the Bermuda Department of Tourism’s local office located at 43 Church Street, Global House in Hamilton will be closed for regular business.

The Bermuda Department of Tourism (BDOT) is in its final transition stage of passing over its day-to-day business to the Bermuda Tourism Authority (BTA) located at 22 Church Street, Penthouse Floor of the Washington Mall Building in Hamilton.   

The responsibility for all matters tourism related will be transferred from BDOT to the BTA – an entity established on December 16, 2013 – effective April 1, 2014, with the exception of the Regulatory and Policy section, to include Hotel Licensing, which now falls under the Ministry of Tourism Development and Transport.

The BTA can be contacted at telephone number 296-9200 or via e-mail at contact@bermudatourism.com for any Bermuda Tourism related questions or information.

Please note that the submission of final invoices for services provided to BDOT prior to March 31, 2014 must be received by BDOT by March 20, 2014.  The BTA will not accept invoices, accounts or any form of claim against BDOT for work contracted by BDOT prior to March 31, 2014.

To confirm the status of any open live contracts with BDOT, please contact BTA.  Open live contracts are defined as contractual agreements having a term or period that extends beyond March 31, 2014.

Should you wish to obtain more information regarding opportunities to provide services to BTA in the future, please email contact@bermudatourism.com.