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Summary: A major reshuffle this morning. Most significant stories of the day: Dame Jennifer Smith returns as education minister, Laverne Furbert and David Burt appointed as senators, Terry Lister takes Transport Ministry, Patrice Minors gets Tourism. Lots of new ministries, the significance of which we need to clarify. There is no labour and immigration ministry any longer but it seems the most likely home, at least for Immigration, would be in Colonel Burch's new national security ministry.
There is no sports or culture ministry. No role in Cabinet for Dale Butler and Walton Brown and Thaao Dill lose their Senate seats.
Michael Scott is the new Attorney General but Senator Kim Wilson will still play a big part in the new Government in the new role of Minister for Economy, Trade and Industry

12pm:  Premier Paula Cox describes her Cabinet as dynamic and able. She says they have a 'lot on their plate' but backs them to come to grips quickly with their new roles.
She says she has reconfigured the ministries based on needs. Says she expects 'quick delivery and thoughtful deliberation' from her Cabinet and describes them as a 'team Bermuda can be proud of'.

11.53am: Laverne Furbert is appointed as senator. A surprise move for many but one that goes down well with the crowd here.
She is junior minister for education, youth affairs and community development. 

11.50am: Cromwell Shakhir is the second new senator. He is junior minister for Health and Public Works.

11.45am: Senate announcements now. David Burt, the former PLP chairman, will join the senate.
Didn't quite catch his full title - junior minister for the economy and business development, or something similar.
Tipped by many as a future leader of Bermuda, this is Mr. Burt's first parliamentary role.

11.42am:  Michael Weekes is in Cabinet as Minister without Portfolio. A popular choice.
That's it for senior ministries - no more labour ministry (I think), no energy, telecommunications, no home affairs and no sports minister. Maybe they come under new headings or under junior ministries? Waiting to find out.

11.40am: Colonel David Burch stays in Cabinet as Minister of National Security. He'd been rumoured to be considering retirement but he remains in the senate and in the cabinet, heading another new ministry.

11.38am:  Zane DeSilva gets the Ministry of Health role.

11.35am: Huge cheers of approval here as former Premier Dame Jennifer Smith returns to the front bench in the pivotal role of education minister. That was a hugely popular decision.

11.31am: Minister for youth affairs and families will be former Sports and Environment Minister Glenn Blakeney. Lot's of new or restructured ministries this morning - as Ms Cox promised on Thursday night.

11.28am:  Minister of business development and tourism - Patrice Minors. Ms Minors takes on the key tourism role vacated by Dr Brown as well as an additional new ministry for business development.

11.25am: Minister for Economy, Trade and Industry - another new ministry - goes to Senator Kim Wilson, the former attorney general.

11.23am: There is a place for leadership rival Terry Lister in the new Government. He will be the Minister of Transport - one of Dr. Brown's former ministries. Mr. Lister campaigned to be Premier but lost out to Paula Cox in Thursday night's vote. 

11.18am: Minister of public works will be Derrick Burgess (as well as Deputy Premier). Not sure if that is just a change in title from 'works and engineering' or if that will alter the duties at all.

11.16am: Walter Roban will be Minister of Environment - moving from Health.

11.14am: Neleetha Butterfield announced as the Minister of Public Information Services - a new ministry.

11.12am: Mr Scott has just taken the oath to be a 'true and faithful' minister.

The Governor Sir Richard Gozney is on stage now. He will be running through the new Ministers one-by-one and they will come up to take an oath of office. Finance Minister will be Premier Paula Cox. Michael Scott is attorney general and justice minister.

Former party chairman David Burt is here. Speculation that he could be made a senator this morning. In fairness there are a lot of PLP people and politicos here, so maybe don't read too much into that. We should find out for sure in a few minutes anyway.

10.55am:  There is a full house this morning at Government House as the media and political figures await the announcement of the new Government. We are expecting the new Premier, Ms Cox at the podium any minute now.